Why You Should Never Believe in Love At First Sight

Love at first sight is a strong emotion that brings people of the opposite sex together. When you love somebody at first sight, you feel so attracted to such person that you want to know more about his/her personality. If you have experienced this before, you will agree that it is a wonderful feeling. A lot of lovers have met their life partners this way but some did not end well. This is because of the aftermath of love at first sight which some lovers later regret. Before putting or accepting a ring on that figure, here are some reasons why you should never believe in love at first sight:

  • You may not enjoy it for long: This is because love at first sight is a temporary feeling. It is not like real love that lasts forever. It is dependent on many factors which can fade away with time. This feeling is normally enjoyable at the beginning but diminishes gradually. Love at first sight is like a mirage which disappears as the feelings get stronger. It is better not to love at first sight than to have it snatched from you in no time.
  • You may be infatuated: Love at first sight is simply infatuation. Infatuation relies on what your eyes can see. If you love at first sight, you may be moved by physical qualities. But this is not enough to make your relationship a long-lasting one. Relationships based on infatuation end before you know it. So rather than allowing yourself get infatuated, flee from it.
  • You may not understand the real meaning of love: If you love at first sight, it will be hard to know what true love is. This is because you are blinded by your feelings and emotions. These feelings may not be real and can be short lived. Love at first sight gives you an illusion that you are truly in love. Real love is the best and should not be traded for anything else.
  • You may lose focus on other important things: Love at first sight makes you lose concentration. It hides the real character of anyone who falls in love this way. It makes you neglect knowing some traits about the other person.
  • Your feelings tend to control you: Love at first sight makes you take many stupid decisions. It would also make you to compromise your beliefs. Worse, you may end up penniless if you are not careful with how your expenses.

In a Nut Shell

Love at first sight is an exciting feeling but you need to be careful. This is because you may get your heart broken if you allow yourself to love like this. It is therefore advisable not to believe in it so that you don’t fall prey to such ephemeral feelings. We think the reasons given above should be enough to dissuade you from engaging in love at first sight.

Photo Credit: Thedesigninspiration