Why You Should Join a Human Rights Group

s3Lucas could not believe what he had just gone through. Surely, nobody could do that to him. Was it allowed? Was it legal? Sighing, he sat down and reflected on what happened to him. He had gone for a business event he was entitled to attend. Bluwater Limited, the company that invited him, were the same ones that did not allow him to enter. He had dressed appropriately in an elegant black suit. When he got to the registration table, the hostesses there had looked at him from head to toe and denied him access. They blatantly disregarded his invitation.

Lucas was quite shocked and asked to speak with the organizers. One of them came and told him he did not look good enough for the event. Another one said they would not allow “people like him” in. There were many reasons. The only thing Lucas noticed from everything they said was that he was being discriminated against. Was that allowed in this current generation? Lucas knew he was entitled to many rights as a human being. Wasn’t freedom from discrimination one of them?

If you have ever been in Lucas’ shoes, you understand the kind of humiliation he must have faced. Perhaps you have been wondering what you could have done to make a difference in your situation. One of the things you can do to stand up for yourself is to join a human rights group. The benefits of being a member are numerous. For starters, you would be able to stand up for yourself when the need arises. Hardly would anyone be able to trample on you because you don’t know your rights. That is one reason. Here are some others:

  • You Will Have a Voice on Legislative Issues: Our laws and policies are made by the legislative arm of government. Before they make these policies, they usually consider the effects of those laws on people. In that vein, if you were a member of a human rights organization, think about how relevant you would be. If you have an opinion, you can air it within the organization in a free and fair manner. You can influence your group to take action and seek public opinion before a bill is passed into law. In short, you will have a voice which will be heard.
  • You Will Have Access to Resources: Are you a researcher? Before you can successfully back up your assertions with the law or cases, you need to do research. Doing research will help you discover lots of other things you never averted your mind to. Most human rights organization have a standard and well-equipped library. Joining one of them will help you gain access to many books, reports, and academic journals. For instance, if your group wanted to fight for an individual, you will be able to get involved more by doing research and presenting your point of view.
  • You Will Have the Opportunity to Be Mentored: Many organizations give opportunities for those seeking a career in human rights practice to have a mentor. You will learn more if someone that has more knowledge about human rights tells you what it entails. You will learn the best ways on how to handle the cases that might come your way. You will have be adequately equipped. What will you thank for the opportunity? Your decision to join a human rights organization.
  • You Will Acquire More Knowledge: Joining a human rights group will help you gain more knowledge. You will not only learn topics related to law. You will understand topics in history, sociology, psychology, and much more. You will also learn social skills. Talking to more people will help build your network circle.

How to Become a Member of the Human Rights Group in your Local Community

Now that you understand the numerous benefits attached to joining a human rights groups, are you thinking about joining? There are many more benefits. All you need to do is ask some human rights activists in your community, and they will enlighten you a bit more. Now, for those that are want to join, please read further. But first, why do you want to join? Do you want it to be a career? Or you just want to fight for yourself like Lucas? Here is a step by step guide on how to become a member of the human rights group in your local community:

  • Do Your Research: In the US, we have many human rights group. Some focus on an exact area of human rights while others concentrate on rights generally. You need to do your research about the types of organizations in your community. Do their goals excite you? Will you fit into the organization? Will you achieve your aim of joining? These questions and more need answers before you make your decision.
  • Pick up an Application Form: Once you have decided, the next thing you can do is to get an application form. You can simply ask a receptionist how to go about this. Alternatively, if the organization you want to join has a website online, you can apply there.
  • Submit Your Application Form: After filling your form, you can go ahead to submit it. Some organizations might want to test you at this stage just to determine if you will be what they are looking for. Don’t be anxious. The questions are easier than you think!
  • Wait for a Response: The organization you want to join will need to determine many things. At this stage, you can help yourself by reading up on human rights, and the numerous approaches to solving problems. It will lessen the tension you might feel while waiting.
  • Pay Membership Fees: Once your application has been accepted, some groups require that you pay membership fees. Payment might be once for the entire duration. It might also be made annually.

Bottom Line

The truth is joining a human rights organization will help you immensely. You don’t need to have a background knowledge of the law. All that’s required is an interest to defend yourself and others from having your rights trampled on. With this zeal and determination, you will go far in the organization. Join now and test our theory!

Photo Credit: Eastern Partnership