Why You Should Join a Cancer Support Group

image-1Support groups are a group of people who are going through the same life issue. The individuals in a support group often have the same goal. Cancer support group are the assembly of persons living with cancer. They are usually in different stages of the illness. The cancer patients in a cancer support group also have medical treatment plans which they are following. Individuals in this group are often being treated in different hospital and by different caregivers. Another thing of interest is that some people in this group are cancer survivors. These other sets of individuals have fought the cancer battle and have won it. The survivors had gone through different medical care, emotional challenges, and physical changes. They have survived cancer, but they are still in the support group.

Cancer is a tough illness. A cancer patient would go through a lot of ordeals. There will be sad days and joyful ones. There will be days of pain and days of relieve, too. There will also be days of anger and moments of acceptance. If a person who is suffering from cancer start chemotherapy, loss of hairs, loss of beauty and loss of weight become widespread. Cancer changes almost everything about you. After you have confirmed that you have cancer, getting a support group should be the first thing to do even before you decide on a treatment plan. We know being a part of a support group is not an easy step to take but trust us; it is one of the best decisions you would make towards fighting cancer. Here are some reasons why you should join a cancer support group:

Knowledge of What to Expect: No matter the stage of cancer illness you are right now,  you need to know what to anticipate. Of course, your doctor would try to tell you most of the things you need to understand about cancer. However, being in a support group will not only allow you to hear about the effect the illness can have on your body, but you will see it on other patients in the support group. There is every probability that you are afraid to hear and see the worst things. It is very normal to be scared but seeing the possible outcome of living with cancer will not make it feel so scary in the long run.

The Feeling That You Are Not Alone: The fight against cancer is a personal war. Even though it is an individual fight, you should not have to go through it alone. You need people in this same situation who can cheer you up. Your friends and relatives love you, and they also want to be the shoulders you would lean on. They mean well and they should be your number one cheerleaders. On the other hand, people in your cancer support group are not just spectators in the fight, but they are also fighting the same battle. These characters know the right words to say to you per time that will keep you going.

Learning Different Coping Strategies: This is one of the major advantages of joining a support group. Persons in the group have come to deal with cancer. They have devised and still designing various coping strategies to live better with the ailment. Some of the support group members have learned how to cope with the pain. They know how to suppress the anger. These people understand when to cry and when just to have a teary laughter. They know the off-limits and out of bounds. The cancer patients in this group have a lot of personal experiences. When you come together, people talk about their latest phase, and you would get to learn one or two things. As a cancer patient, you may have tried a type of coping strategy for a particular challenge, but you are not just getting it right. If you talk about it in the group meeting, there is a high probability of your having people who went through such in the group. The characters that overcame such trial will be able to tell you how to deal with it faster with excellent result.

Letting Out Your Emotions: At home, a cancer patient tries to act tough and healthy. You don’t want to get your family members afraid and worried. You laugh when you want to cry; smile when you want to scream. People ask you the typical question which is “how are you”? And, you give them the expected answer which is “I am fine, thank you.” In fact, what you as the patient feel is far from fine. You just don’t know how to let your relatives know exactly how you are feeling. At the cancer support group, the people there know that you are not fine. You are very free to act the way you feel, and you will be totally understood. In a cancer support group, it is fine to say where it hurts without the fear of making someone lose the night’s sleep because of you.

Helping Other People: As a member of cancer support group, you will have the opportunity to help other team members. Since the commencement of your cancer treatment, you would have learned a couple of things that will benefit others also. Being of assistance to other cancer patients will give you a sense of usefulness. Even though you may be afraid, you will still feel great about making an impact.

Having Fun with Others: Cancer support groups often organize fun events for their members. During the event, cancer patients have the opportunity to have as much fun as you want. You will not have anybody who would think you are not fit enough to do that thing that gives you joy the most. You are all the same, and so you will feel free.              

Bottom Line

A cancer support group can help you in tremendous ways. You will have the opportunity to learn the things which you might not discover on your own. Each time you go for the group meeting, you will go back to your home with a stronger determination to fight the cancer harder. Join a cancer support group today!

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