Why You Should Go to College

image-12Making the decision to attend college can be a tough one. After all, success today is no longer dependent on having a bachelor’s degree. There are success stories of people that have never seen the four walls of a campus. And from their lives, they don’t seem to have missed out on anything.

The cost of even attending college is enough to deter one from picking that admission slip. More and more people spend their entire lives paying off debt incurred in school. Statistics have shown that Americans have over $1trillion in student loan debt. Unfortunately, this number is expected to increase over the next ten years. Even the jobs are not as readily available as before. This bleak situation could lead one to ask if going to college is worth the cost and stress.

It is not all doom and gloom though as you will soon see. So before you dismiss the idea altogether, why don’t you pause for a minute? Highlighted below in this article are reasons for you not to reject that college entrance letter:

Financial Security:  Almost all entry-level jobs require a college certification. The possession of a bachelor’s degree gives you a competitive edge in the labor market. And it also keeps you ahead of the unemployment curve. Research has shown that college graduates earn 56% more than their high school counterparts annually. In other words, you make about $1million more in your lifetime than a high school diploma holder. The level of freedom this gives you is better experienced.

Discover Yourself: College is a place to find out about who you are. It offers you an excuse to adopt whatever identity that catches your fancy. You can step out of your comfort zone and pave a new path for yourself. There are a billion activities taking place on campus at any given hour. The chances are that several of those happenings will resonate with you. Through your involvement in those events, you get to uncover your passions and hobbies. And the fun part is there is no one to set a limit on what you can or cannot do.

Excellent Networking Prospects: College is not all about studying and partying. You can also add to and expand your circle of associates. It is highly likely that your peers would go on to be successful in their careers. And this could be of an advantage if you ever find yourself in a lurch. Experts concede that majority of available jobs do not get to the public eye. These vacancies are made accessible through connections. To be eligible for a favor, you have to know the right people. The alumni associations of colleges can also be of help. Belonging to one means you connect yourself with people that have influence in various spheres of life.

Create Relationships: Wherever you turn on campus, there is always a potential friend. There are thousands of your age group around you at any given time. Most of them are quite open and keen on meeting new folks. You will come across all manner of individuals in college. And you will have the chance to learn from and interact with them. You are likely to meet personalities having the same interests as you. Your contacts can also cut across all spheres. You can be buddies with the jocks, nerds, frat boys, goths, activists, etc. The memories you make with them can last a lifetime.

Travel and Exposure: College affords you various opportunities to tour the world at a highly subsidized rate. Some of them include excursions, internships, volunteering, exchange programs and much more. You have the chance to visit places you have only imagined. You get exposed to cultures you have read about in books.  The experiences garnered from such enterprises can be invaluable. Besides, they can be a major building block in molding your character and personality.

Revel in Fun Activities: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, they say. This saying best describes the college experience. Contrary to popular belief, students do not keep their noses stuck in their books. Neither are they confined to the school libraries. Instead, they get to have fun in a non-judgmental atmosphere. College caters to all type of interests. Irrespective of how weird your hobbies are, you will certainly find a group for it on campus. If you are of an artistic nature, there are art shows, literary readings, and recitals. While if you are a party animal, the clubs and frat parties will satiate you. The only challenge you might run into will be how to juggle everything together.

Become a Specialist: There are all types of information available online. But there is still some info that is exclusive to only colleges and institutions. As a student, you get access to tons of resources concerning your major. You are also specially coached and guided by renowned experts and professors in your field. This concentrated focus enables you to become a master in your area of study.

Access to the Libraries: All other libraries both public and community pale in comparison to that available on campus. These places stock rare contents, history, archives and knowledge on every topic known to man. You can find heaps of books dedicated to your discipline and get lost in them. If you are a book lover, this could be equivalent to heaven for you. It does not matter if you want to study the lives of ancient Greeks. Or maybe you just want to catch the latest episodes of Game of Thrones. The libraries are versatile enough to accommodate your needs.

Student Discounts: Any chance to save money is always welcome. There are tons of free and discounted things that are available to only students. Using your college IDs can get you discounts at movie theaters, concerts, restaurants, gyms, retailers, airlines and lots more. You can have fun while still on a budget. No other period of life offers you things so cheap. Maybe the only time you can get such reductions is when you get to your sixties.


College is a magical place filled with endless possibilities. You get the opportunity to make lots of mistakes and recover from them. No matter what is said, education is still the best investments we can make.

Photo Credit: Kingwoodmarina