Why You Should Consider Human Service as a Career

s6Today, we live in a world where many people cannot even afford the basic necessities of life. Not just one person or 10 persons, thousands of Blacks, Latinos and other minorities in different states cannot pay for their school fees or eat good food, let alone have time to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Let’s not even count the number or women today who are sexually abused or who are single mothers without any considerable means of livelihood. These people need your help. They need your advice. And they need your emotional and psychological support.

We heard the testimony of someone helped by a human service professional. The lady told us that her life was a mess until human service personnel helped her. She said, “She picked me up from the streets and took me home; cleaned me up and got me into a rehabilitation center. She didn’t leave me for a day. I am a transformed being because a selfless person helped me”. Every human service worker does have this and many more testimonies about them. This testimony and the other reasons below are why you should consider a career in human services:

  • You Will Be Helping Others: There are several people on the streets and in your community who need your help. A youth needs to be saved from addiction; a woman has to get out of an abusive marriage, and a child is counting on you for a stable home. These people do not have anybody to help them. Some seek for justice for the wrongs that have been done against them, but they do not know how to go about it. As human service professional, the list of the help you will be rendering others is endless.
  • Contributing to Your Community Development: When you assist the likes of the people above to gain stability, your community is being developed. The voiceless in your community will have a voice through you. It is when people have peace that they can be a meaningful part of their community. Choose this career, and watch your society develop through your selfless services.
  • Opportunity to Continue Learning: Human service professionals learn new things every day. No, we don’t mean the going back to school kind of learning. They learn from people’s experiences. They meet with different people, from diverse cultures, and with unique challenges while working. Meeting with several people would teach you a lot about life.
  • You Will Have Endless Job Opportunities: Has anyone ever told you that there is a career where every day brings you new opportunities? As a human service professional, there will be no dull moment in your career. As long as people still exist in the world, you will never be out of a job.
  • Restoration of Hope to the Hopeless: Several people out there have given up on life. They have resigned themselves to fate. Even their loved ones have given up on them. Some have addiction problems that have turned them to a mentally traumatized individual. Some children have lost hope of ever having a great childhood. Human services workers are helping countless of persons out there who did not think they can ever find themselves again. They have their hopes restored again. If you join this noble profession, you will also be contributing your quota in restoring hope to the hopeless.

Amazing Skills You Need In Human Service Field

Your responsibilities as a human service professional are numerous as you can see from the above points. To build a successful career, you need some amazing skills. Here are some of them:

  • Listening Skills: Human service professionals are great listeners. Before you can be able to help someone, you need to be able to hear them, and understand what their problem is. When you listen to someone, you can comprehend more than what they put in an actual word. There are some cases that the individual just needs someone to talk to. You may not need to say anything to them. You have to be a fantastic listener to make an excellent human service professional.
  • Motivational Speaking: It would take some sweet talks to gain an audience with some people in the first instance. Do you know that some of the people that you are trying to help are neck-deep into their problems? Even when you tell them there is a solution, and go as far as showing them how it has worked in the past, they would still not believe they can be saved. It is in cases like this that your motivation speaking skills is kicked to life.
  • Patience: Stabilizing a lost soul takes lots of patience. You may have to go over a procedure repeatedly for several weeks or months. Do you realize that if the person you are trying to help does not have a full understanding of a process, you cannot move on to another thing? Human service profession is a real test of human patience. You need all the patience in this world before you can be terrific human service personnel.
  • Time Management: Ability to manage your time is essential. A lot of time, you have to work without supervision. While on the field, you are your personal boss. When you are dealing with someone with a challenge, you have the leeway to handle the case as you deem fit. You need time management skills to be able to set balanced work life. Time management skill will make you a more coordinated person, and you will be highly productive.

Organizations That Render Human Services

The human services field is a broad one. It is a people-oriented profession that offers selfless-based services. The top organizations in the United States that render human services are Sober living, America, LostNMissing, Inc, Walk On Foundation INC, Hike It Up, Stomp Out Bullying-Love our children, Pioneer Human services, and Rocky Mountain Human Services.

Bottom Line

Human service is a broad field offering you several career choices. Our society can use much more human services workers. Remuneration is not your motivator for being a human service professional, it is your compassion for others. If you are someone who is compassionate about the well-being of the people, you should venture into human services field. You will find satisfaction and career growth in it. Turn your passion into a profession today!

Photo Credit: Jrousseaux