Why We Should Support Our Firefighters and Police

Firefighters and police sacrifice a lot of things for the comfort of the people in their community. We think you may not have an idea of the everyday life of a firefighter or police officer. We want you to understand what they go through, so that you will know why you should support them.

Imagine you have to wake up in the middle of the night, without any prior notice, to save properties and lives. Imagine that you have to work for three days at a stretch because there are lives in danger. Imagine that your work does not give you time for family and friends as you can be posted to any state in the US at any time. Yes, that’s what our police and firefighters go through every day. Those are the kind of sacrifices they pay to keep you safe.

They chose to put you first. They willingly decided to risk their lives for their communities. Some of them lose their life in the line of duty, and some get physical injured. They are doing so much for you and the best way to appreciate them is to give them your supports. They need your supports because:

  • The Officers Need Your Help: The firefighters and police need your support to have a successful career. Although they look brave, and it seems they can handle all the stress that comes with their jobs. No, they cannot. They need you to support them by filling up all vacant roles around their lives and offices.
  • Supporting Them Will Give You a Sense of Belonging: We believe this is self-explanatory, but we will still talk about it. As a communist, you have probably been thinking about how you can give back to your community. When you support the firefighters and police, you are contributing your quota to your society. The support you render them will, in turn, give you a sense of belonging.
  • Your Assistance Can Help to Keep Them Safe and Alive: This is dependent on how you support them. The assistance you give to these officers may just be what they need to keep them alive. Do not withhold that support.

How to Support Firefighters and Police

We are sure that by now, you are already thinking of ways to help the firefighters and police. Your support can be to their families or towards their cause. Whichever way it is, what matters is that you are supporting them, and it is making their lives easier. We have put together some ways by which you can support them. Here are they:

  • Donate to Their Departments: Police and firefighters are doing a lot to help the citizens. They put their life and that of their families at stake. Your safety is the most important thing to these officers. The noblest way to support them is to donate whatever you can to their selfless service. Give money and whatever you think will be useful to them or their families. Someone is asking us right now if the government does not pay them. Of course, they are paid. The question we are asking you is, how much salary can buy their life back if they lose it while trying to save you? Your donation will mean a lot to them; they will see it as gratitude and not, charity.
  • Help Their Families: You remember the picture of the life of firefighters and police we gave you above, right? Their lives are very busy. A lot of these officers have wives and kids. They have families who need them. Their dependents need help also, but they chose to serve you first. You should support them by being there for their families. If you have any of them as a neighbor, let their relatives know that they can call on you for help anytime. Help to get their kids to school. Give the wife of the policeman that is your neighbor a hand by mowing the lawn or by just assisting to get the groceries inside from the car. Your little acts of kindness will be much appreciated.
  • Be a Volunteer: This is another way by which you can help firefighters and police. Volunteer your services to their departments. They have various untrained roles that you can fill up. The need all hands on deck for a successful rescue. When you support them by volunteering your services, their jobs will be easier. The more the volunteers, the more the time the officers will have to spend with their families also.
  • Make Your Driveways and Road Accessible: This is one of the means by which you can help firefighters and police. If everybody can take up the responsibility of making their driveways and roads accessible, the jobs of these offices will be easier. Often, the job the firefighters have to do is a race against time. Support them by not making them find it difficult to help those in danger.
  • Make Your Home Address Visible: Imagine that you called 911 for help, and they promised to get to you in ten minutes. They start coming with all determination to save you or whoever is in trouble. They get to your street in less than seven minutes, only for them to have to look for your house for another ten minutes. You know quite well that time is important to these people. Give them your full support by making your home address visible. If you know your house is somehow hidden, putting a form of a landmark which you can use to direct whoever is coming over is not a bad idea.

Bottom Line

Service to humanity is one of the best and hardest roles any human can take up. These officers go through a lot of physical dangers, emotional and psychological traumas. Give them your supports through one or more of the ways mentioned above. By supporting them, you are rendering your service to your community.