Why We Should Be Prepared for Disasters

t7Disasters often occur all around the world. The effects of a disaster can have a country in debt for many years. There are different types of disasters. We have natural disasters which are caused by nature. Any human factor does not propel it. Examples are volcanoes, earthquake, forest fire, and much more. We also have human disasters which are the opposite of natural disasters. These disasters occur as a result of people doing something. For example, if a person starts a fire in a forest which consumes many acres of land, it is a human-made disaster. In contrast, if a forest fire occurs because of lightning, it is a natural disaster.

Preparing for disasters can drastically reduce the debilitating effects. It can also aid quick recovery from the little effects it might cause. Here are some reasons why we should prepare for disasters:

  • To Save Lives and Properties: As much as we hate to hear it, we need to face reality. Many people lose their lives because of disasters depending on how terrible it is. A total of 200,000 lives has been lost before because of disasters. If we can prepare adequately for coming disasters, we can prevent the loss of more lives. We would have contingency and emergency plans already in place.
  • To Reduce the Cost of Providing Aids: Disasters are unforeseen. We don’t know what they will happen or how much it will affect us. Many NGO’s and other agencies donated thousands of dollars whenever a disaster happens. If we make sufficient preparation, when the disaster does happen, we would not expend more funds than necessary.
  • To Reduce the Fear and Anxieties People Experience: What is your reaction when someone tries to surprise you? Joy? Happiness? On the other hand, what if you already knew about the surprise? Your reaction would be much different because you already knew there was going to be a surprise. In the same light, we prepare for disaster so individuals and communities would experience less tension and fear. Nothing would be able to take them by surprise and if need be, they would be ready to evacuate their homes.

3 Countries Prone to Disasters

Are you aware that some countries are more prone to disasters than others? They don’t deserve it. Nobody deserves disasters. They simply experience more because of where their country is situated. Here are some countries you should know:

  • United States: Our nation is the second country that ranks as most prone to disasters. Some disasters we experience are Earthquakes, tropical cyclone, heat wave, dam failure, tornado outbreak, blizzards, and much more. The number of lives we have lost over the centuries as a result of these disasters are millions. If you doubt us, you can do your research and let us know what you come up with.
  • Philippines: Asides the United States, many countries in Asia are prone to disasters. The Philippines ranks among the top 5 countries that have experienced the most devastating disasters over the years. In 2013, Typhoon Yolanda occurred and claimed about sixteen million lives. Can you imagine what that nation went through during that period? If they had been prepared, perhaps the number would be less than what it is.
  • China: According to Wikipedia, out of the top ten deadliest natural disasters, China experiences five. China suffers tragedies every year. However, studies have shown that the number of lives the country loses is reducing because they are prepared. For instance, about 1,000 people have died this year due to natural disasters. This figure is better than the millions of lives they have lost in other periods.

3 Duties of Disaster Relief Agencies

When governments saw the effects disasters were having on their citizens, they had to establish a response team. All over the world, some agencies dedicate their time and funds to disasters. Some of their duties are:

  • They Provide Aid and Funds: One of the most important things a country that experiences disasters need is aid and assistance. Often, many people are not able to escape. Some might be stuck in their houses. Others might have trouble getting out of unseen locations. A disaster relief agency can help the local emergency response team by providing help. They can also assist the affected country with funds when it is needed.
  • They Assist International Communities in Disaster Preparedness and Response: We have already talked about the importance of being prepared for disasters. One of the primary duties of relief agencies is to support communities in being prepared. They can organize development programs to educate the society, and many more things.
  • They Specialize in Emergency Health Care: When disasters occur, they are accompanied by injuries, bruises, and wounds. As a result of this, there has to be adequate health care available to treat people. Relief agencies specialize in emergency health care. They make provision for doctors who will attend to patients, first aid kits, food and temporary shelter.

How to Support Disaster Victims

All over the world, thousands of people are still being affected by the effects of a disaster which happened years ago. You might not be able to reach them to offer your support, but you can help the current victims that have been affected by disasters. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Donate Funds: The quickest way to show your support is to donate funds. If you have a genuine desire to help but you are limited because of your location, you can find out if the country or community has a bank account you can make a donation. Alternatively, you can donate to them through an NGO.
  • Organize a Fundraiser: If you cannot afford to donate funds on your own, you can do it through people and with people. Talk to a couple of people within your community. Let them know your plans and your intention. You all can work together to organize a fundraiser for the benefit of disaster victims.
  • Donate Food, Clothes, Shoes, or Other Items: Often, disaster victims lose their home and everything in it. You can support them by donating food items and clothes. Contacting a disaster relief agency about your decision will make the process faster.

Bottom Line

The truth is we cannot control disasters. We cannot predict when they will happen. We can only prepare ourselves for the occurrence. If you are in a part of the country where disaster rarely happens, count yourself lucky. Don’t just rest on your oars. Help those people who have been displaced. Help those people who don’t know if they will have a roof over their head tomorrow. No help is too small!

Photo Credit: Mfat