Why We Are Responsible for Our Actions

image-5Excuses are great because it frees us from guilt. It releases us from direct responsibility. We always have logic reasons why something happens to us. We always find a reason why it isn’t our fault. But when someone says otherwise, we become outraged and find every possible way to justify our actions.

Why do we blame others for our actions? Why do we make unnecessary excuses for our decision? We do these, in part because of critics and the fear of taking responsibilities. We always find someone or other factors to blame for the wrongs we’ve done. Everything we do is based on our actions and not our family, friends, job or present circumstance.

We live in a society where blaming the weather, economy or government for our actions seems right. Blaming others is so induced in our system that our expression and language has a form of reproach in it. We say things like “you make me feel bad”; “I am sad when you do this”; “It isn’t my fault”; “I had no choice.” These statements show that we blame others for being unhappy. What people say or do may be a stimulus, but it’s never the cause of our actions or feelings. We decide to be unhappy when we dwell on other people’s actions.

This article explains why people should be held accountable for their actions. Individuals who choose to do the wrong thing should be made to face the consequences. At least, they will learn from their mistakes and make the right decisions when given another chance. Here are the reasons why we are accountable for our actions:

  • We are the controller of our actions: Whether young or old, we always have the option of doing what is wrong or right. Whatever choices we make depends solely on us. If we aren’t responsible for our actions, then there won’t be a need for the law. It’s hard to control your life when you disown your actions. When you disown your actions, you disown yourself. You put yourself at the mercy of others. If we want to own ourselves, we need to control our actions and choices.
  • We control our thoughts: As human beings, we are always thinking. When our mind is full of negative thoughts, this affects our performance, facial expression, and actions. When we decide to switch our mind to positive things, this would, in turn, change our actions. Negative thoughts will no longer exist when you control your mind. You have the ability to control your mind by learning to stop your thinking. So, identify your negative thoughts and recognize the truth.
  • We want self-respect: When we admit our wrong, this leads us to the path of success. We endeavor to do the right thing when given another chance. Being responsible for our actions is the lowest requirements to achieving everything we want in life. Taking charge of our decisions goes hand in hand with success, motivation, self-actualization, achievement, and happiness.
  • We are conscious of our actions: Everybody has a brain for thinking and a conscious mind. We are humans because we can differentiate between right and wrong. If we decide to take a wrong turn, we have the power to decide for ourselves on how these actions affect us. As human beings, we have the gift of reason and logic. We have the ability to reason our way through problems. We are solely responsible for our failures and success.
  • We have the power to take decisions: Whether or not we decide to make the right decisions solely depend on us. We are responsible for our actions because we decide how our decision affects us. We decide if we want to change when we get a negative result. Blaming our actions on other people won’t solve anything. Rather it would make us suffer more. Identify the things you can control and take charge. We know you can’t control everything like the weather, economy, or accidents. It’s left to you to decide what affects your actions.
  • We are old enough to be responsible: Being answerable for our actions is what differentiates us from a child. Maturity means we have fully grown both physically and mentally. It means being accountable for our actions. Whether intentional or unintentional, we are responsible for our thoughts and how it affects us. Maturity brings responsibilities. As adults, we are old enough to understand the reasons for our actions. Before taking any action, we need to weigh its outcome and how it affects our life. As adults, we know everyone makes mistakes, but the important thing is acknowledging our wrongs or admitting our mistakes.
  • We always have a choice: We are responsible for our actions because we have the gift of freewill, the freedom of liberty and choice. Being accountable for your actions is the first step to freedom. When you place the blame on other people, you have thrown away the opportunity for freedom. For example, a man robs a bank because he has no money. He is arrested and sent to prison. As a man with a clear mind, he had the free will to do the right or wrong thing in his case. He could have gotten a job but decided against it.

Why It’s Wrong to Blame People for Our Actions

It takes courage, humility, and self-respect to take responsibility for our actions. When we blame other persons or some circumstances for our actions, it creates a behavior or trait found in individuals who are likely to be unsuccessful. We are not responsible for what people say to us. But we are accountable for the actions we decide to take. When we fail to be answerable for our actions, we miss out on the opportunity to correct our wrongs, thus making us repeat those mistakes again and again.


In conclusion, our thoughts control our actions. It is left for us to take charge and transform the negative into positive. When things go right, we enjoy the benefits, and when it goes wrong, we should learn from the mistakes and move on. Life is about learning from our mistakes, so we don’t repeat those wrongs again.

Photo Credit: Goodnet