Why Therapy Is Not Always the Best Option

A lot of people undergo therapy for so many reasons because they suffer health issues that require maximum attention. Some of those health-related issues include depression, drug addiction, mental illness, schizophrenia, and anxiety, to name a few. Studies conducted have shown that people living with these conditions cannot do without going for such treatments in a year. According to a survey carried out by the National Institute of National Health, about 40 million people suffer mental illness in the United States of America. Another survey conducted by the ADAA also shows that about 15 million people suffer anxiety disorders which cost billions of dollars in the U.S. This goes to show that as long as people have health issues, they will always seek the help of therapy to cure them. In as much as some of these treatments work, therapy is not always considered to be the best option. Here are some of our reasons:

  • It is addictive: Therapy can sometimes be addictive and hard to let go. For instance, if people suffer from drug addiction, they may decide to seek therapeutic help. This sometimes may also cause the clients to be addicted to the therapeutic process, thus delaying healing time.
  • It makes you idolize your therapist: If you undergo therapy, there is every tendency to see your therapist as a demi-god. You may also consider such people as perfect human beings because they seem without any flaws. Your life becomes centred on them and anything they say becomes a rule.
  • It could be harmful: Therapy is meant to help one recover gradually. But in some cases, it has caused more harm than good. At times, it leads to death; in some cases, it leads to the patient having more injury. A patient once had a physical therapy session due to an accident she had. During one of her sessions, she got injured because of the exercises her physician asked her to do. In a case like this, is therapy really needed?
  • It is expensive and time-consuming: Seeing a therapist today is quite expensive because you have to first book an appointment before paying for consultation and treatment. The cost of seeing a therapist sometimes depends on your location and length of session. Some charge $10 per session while some charge between $75-$150 per hour. Depending on the severity of some health issues, some patients spend a lot of time seeing therapists, while some do that through their lives. As you can see, all these add to medical costs.

Bottom Line

Therapy is good but is it worth engaging in? A lot of people see therapy as the only way they can solve their health problems. But this is not true. From the reasons listed above, it can be deduced that therapy is not always the best option for you as there are other options you can also explore. Some of them are lifestyle changes, dieting and exercising, to mention a few.

Photo Credit: Goodtherapy