Why Is Divorce Rate Rising All Over the World?

All around the world the divorce is rising. No continent is immune from this. Go to Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe and what you will find is couples filing for divorce or going their separate ways. According to Business Insider, the rate of divorce around the world is 70%. Other countries like Portugal, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, and many others in Europe have a divorce rate of 60%. The United States is not far behind as well with a staggering rate of 53%. The only region, however, that is different is the Middle East.  So, why is divorce rate rising all over the world? The answer is simple. Below are some of the reasons we think are responsible for this:

  • Divorce is socially acceptable: The truth is that many people are getting divorced because they know it is already a norm. No one would make them feel bad for their choice. They are not answerable to anyone, and they have a right to do what they want.
  • Divorce is allowed according to laws: The laws in many countries give room for anybody to get a divorce. Thus, if things have broken down in a marriage, the parties have a choice to get a divorce. There are many provisions in different laws that will back the decision once it is taken. All the man or woman has to do is go to a lawyer and brief him or her. Within months or years, the divorce is final.
  • Both parties rush into marriage: A lot of people these days don’t take their time to date or court before they get married. Some people are pressured to marry. They neglect the obvious signs they have been noticing about their partner. Often, these signs make it evident that a divorce might happen.
  • Couples cohabit before marriage: Research has revealed that many people who live together before they get married are more likely to get a divorce. Since living together has become acceptable in the society, more people are getting divorced.
  • Both parties refuse to work on the marriage: Marriage is a union of two people from different background. They will certainly have different opinions and beliefs about many things. That is why they need to learn how to compromise, so they will not destroy their marriage. However, many people do not want to compromise. They want to have their way. A marriage cannot work that way. It takes work. The fact that many people are lazy and refuse to work on the problem areas of their union is why divorce rates are rising.
  • Couples are not patient: A lot of people who are getting divorced don’t understand that they need to be patient with their partner. Nobody in the world is perfect. Everybody is flawed one way or the other. Most times, when conflict arises, it can easily be settled with a little bit of patience and understanding. The lack of this is what is leading to higher divorce rates.

Bottom Line
Divorce has now become a norm in our society. Many children are now growing up in a single parent household with access to the other parent a few times. The implication of divorce on children is one of the most terrible consequences of the action. Before getting married, learn to take appropriate steps to ensure your partner and you will make things work irrespective of the circumstances that may arise.
Photo Credit: Avcblogs