Why Eating Right Is Good for Your Health

b1My friend Joe called me last night and began to ask me questions about food choices. I was scared to answer him. You know why? Joe can eat anything as long as its nicknamed food, and I am not exaggerating. Joe is overweight, though he does not like it, he has never been able to stick to a diet plan. There was an outing we had some time last year with some other friend of ours. Joe ate till he got sick. The following morning, he called to tell me that his girlfriend broke up with him the same night he over ate. I only said, “she is right; your eating habit is bad.” And because Joe is Joe, he laughed about it.

Last night, Joe listened to my lectures about why and how he should change his eating habit. At the end of the conversation, he promised to change. I am excited about my friend’s decision and the excitement brought about this write-up. I want to reveal to you all I shared with Joe last night. Since you are reading this, it means you want to know the reasons why you should make healthy food choices.

Let us start with the health benefits of eating right:

  • Builds Your Immunity: Eating the right foods are natural medications for some serious illness such as high blood pressure and some cancer types. When you eat right, infections will be far from you.
  • Delays Ageing: There was a time I stayed true to eating right, my neighbor kept asking me for the name of the new cream I was using. You can guess my answer already! My new cream then was my healthy foods. Eat right, and you will see the wrinkles fade away.
  • Aids Weight Loss and Maintenance: You want to know if eating well has any correlation with losing weight? Yes, it does. Your best approach to losing weight and maintaining your desired weight is to stick to healthy meals as the basis of your diet.

5 Diet Mistakes You Are Making

Right now you are likely saying, “I have been eating right for quite a while now but I do not see any difference’. You probably fall ill more frequently, and the scale keeps adding numbers for you. I will not say your observations are not right because they can be possible. You are likely making some common mistakes associated with diets. Below are a few:

  • Skipping Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It jumpstarts your metabolism. Your body, being inactive for some hours needs nutrients to kick back up. When you skip breakfast, your body will store more calories than necessary and will still take what is essential from the next meal you eat.
  • Uncontrolled Portion: Hey, because the food is healthy does not mean you should eat for two. Overeating was Joe’s biggest eating problem. Healthy food types still have calories. The quantity you eat sums up the overall calories your body will retain. Eating two bowls of oatmeal is as good as eating chocolate bars. You should not eat till it’s hard for you to stand up. Such act is eating healthy food in an unhealthy manner. Moderation is the key.
  • You Are Drinking Your Calories: How do you prepare your smoothies? How many fruits do you put together? How many calories does each of them contain? You get it now, right? Next time you want to make that smoothie, be sure you are not drinking 1000 calories worth at once.
  • Leaving Out In-Between-Meals Snacks: Your body does not want to be starved. A lot of people make that mistake over and over again. If you don’t snack in between meal, you will be famished before it’s time for your next meal. You need to incorporate healthy snacks in between your meals.
  • Inconsistency: This is like the keyword to a successful diet. Inconsistency is the worst diet mistake we all make. I was once guilty of this. Sticking to the diet for three days and the next three days, going off course will yield no result.

Now that you understand why the diet has not been working for you, I’m sure you are now determined to do it the right way. If you avoid all those mistakes and you are still inconsistent with your diet plan, there will be no result.

How to Keep Up a Healthy Diet

Despite sticking to the rules of healthy eating and avoiding some of the common mistakes, the desired result is still not forthcoming. You know what the problem is? You are not staying through to the diet plans. I came up with ways to keep up a healthy diet, and I am sharing them with you below:

  • Self-Control: The first thing I did and which you should do, is always to remind yourself that “Though it is edible, it does not have to enter my mouth.” A lot of self-control is needed to stick to a healthy diet.
  • Make One Change at a Time: You should not try to get it right at once. If you stop eating all the food you loved at once, it is just a matter of time; you will soon go back to them. I will say drop a family of unhealthy food one at a time. You can start by quitting sodas, or any food type you feel is more convenient for you. The goal is to make a change at a time.
  • Be Creative with Food: You need to learn to be creative with your healthy meals. Eating right should not translate to eating unattractive foods. If you keep eating foods that look boring to you, it will be hard for you to have a long-term commitment to them.
  • See the Process As a Lifestyle: If you see healthy diets as a way of life, it will be easy for you to keep it going. See it as a new skill you are learning, and in which you want to emerge as the best.

Bottom Line

In a world filled with junk foods and sweet things, it is hard to eat right. You know the best way to keep going? Always remind yourself of the benefits that are in it. Sometimes you binge and lose focus. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Get back on track, and keep eating right again.

Photo Credit: Global4life