Why Do People Get Addicted?

q4Lucas woke up one morning, and he realized that his closest friend has been abusing hard drugs. He has been wondering why his friend was always sweating profusely, looking disoriented, and nervous. Oh! He can also remember the shaking hands and his most recent financial trouble.

Now, everything is making sense. Lucas’ best friend, Stefan is a drug addict. How? Why? Stefan is one of the brightest minds he has ever known. He is smart and goal-oriented. Life is going well for him. Why would someone in control of his academics and relationship become a substance addict? Here are some answers to Lucas’ questions:

  • Genetic makeup: Some people are more prone to addiction than others because of their genetic makeup. These individuals are wired to take action and follow it through. It is the same way for them with habits and hobbies. They give it their all and go deep into it. Individuals with these genes get addicted quickly.
  • Their brain adapts quickly to changes: The reason why some people get addicted is that their brain adapts quickly to change, and always ready to move on to the next stage. You can imagine what happens when this type of individuals gets a hold of hard drug. Every day, they would want a little more of it till it becomes an addiction. You know the scary thing about these set of individuals, their brain does not process the “want for more” as craving.
  • They have easy access to drugs: Have you ever been to an environment where they sell drugs at every corner or the trade zone of sex hawkers? What do you think will happen to someone who lives in such environment? You know already, right? It will be a game of, “if you can’t join them, you beat them.” The products of that environment will be likely add to the number of addicts on the street.
  • Their parents are addicts: A child who grew up with parents that are addicted to drugs or any other thing will see the lifestyle as normal. Even when the child decides to be clean, a little disappointment in his life will most likely throw him or her into the world of addiction.
  • To forget a traumatic incidence: Individuals get addicted because they want to forget about a traumatic experience. They rely on hard drugs to help them numb the pain of the trauma. When the effect of the drug wears off, and the pain comes back again, they get the drugs to numb it, and the cycle keeps repeating itself. These set of people are those that cannot deal with life challenges headlong. They just want it to disappear.
  • To relieve stress: In a bid to try to relieve stress by using drugs, some people get addicted before they know it. In the long run, they realize that the drug is even stressing them out when it is not much in their system again. You know what they do already, right? They stay high on the drugs.

Some Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse and Addiction

Some people around you may be addicted to something right now. Even the user might not know that it is already an addiction until it is pointed out to him or her. To identify an addict, here are some signs and symptoms you should look out for:

  • Craving for the abused substance: An addict will always desire the object of their obsession. It will be like air or food to them. They will feel incomplete without it. If you or anyone is exhibiting this kind of behavior towards drugs, cigarettes or any other thing, there is an addiction issue already.
  • Always seeking out drug: A drug addict will always find drugs in any environment they find themselves. They can sniff out the substance they are addicted to in their environment. These individuals would go to any length to get their desired brand.
  • Withdrawing from people: This is an important pointer to addiction. Once you notice that you prefer the company of the object of your addiction to the presence of people, you don’t need anybody to tell you that you are already addicted.
  • Nervousness: A drug abuser or an addict will always be nervous because often, they don’t want to get caught in the act.
  • Getting into money troubles: A drug abuser will get into money problems because he will need money to buy more drugs.

5 Famous Institutions For Addiction Treatment

There is a point in the life of an addict who is seeking to be in control where professional help will be needed. You may not be able to manage your obsession all by yourself. There are several institutions where you can get treatment for your addiction. Here are five tops ones you can check out:

Ways to Manage Addiction and Substance Abuse

You are still reading this because you have understood the need to stay in control, and you are ready to manage your addiction. For someone else, this part is important for you because you have a friend who abuses a substance, and he or she is trying to stay in control. Now, let us discuss some ways to manage addiction:

  • Make a decision: The first thing you should do when trying to manage your addiction is to decide that it is time for you to have a hold on yourself. Sit down, and tell yourself the reason why you don’t want to be a substance addict again. Once you have decided, you are one step towards recovery.
  • Plan on how to control it: Making a decision will not stop you from going back to the object of your addiction. You need to make plans on how not to go back to it. Take a pen, and some stick notes. Write the down your “I will…” and “I will not…” Put the notes in strategic places in your home as a quick reminder.
  • Identify what triggers the abuse: You know that your dependence on hard drugs or a habit does not just happen, some factors do trigger it. Your triggers might be entirely different from that of another person. Identify what pushes you to the object of your abuse and stay away from them.
  • Get professional help: If you have done the three things above, you are doing great already. It shows that you are ready to gain control over your addiction. Now, you need professional help. There are some things a professional know about managing addiction and substance abuse that you do not know. Get the right support that will make your decision easy to stick with.
  • Stay busy: It’s hard for an addict to stay idle and not go back to the one thing that used to keep them occupied. You have to stay busy every second of the day. Keep your mind occupied. Start a new hobby, get involved in sports, or simply volunteer your services at a charity home.
  • Celebrate each milestone: Yes, you need to celebrate your baby steps to staying in charge. One week without abusing hard drugs is worth celebrating. Let your close friends and family know about your decision, and let them celebrate your hard work towards recovery also.

Bottom Line

No matter how deep into your addiction you are, you can overcome it. Your will is stronger than any addiction. Make a decision, and draw the strength needed from within you. Do you know someone who is an addict? Help the individual to overcome addiction today.

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