Why Countries Go to War

h2We were watching the news recently and during the new, there was coverage of the ongoing war in an African country. We could hear the deafening sound of gunshots and the cries of terrified babies. A woman that was interviewed by the reporter could not hold back her tears. She said she just wanted her children to be safe. The camera crew went into an apartment where they met a man and two children in tears. The man said he had lost his wife and two other children. A part of the building they were residing had collapsed but the man and his children have nowhere else to go.

The telecast got us really sad. We switched the television off when we could not bear watching it anymore. Despite that, the pictures were etched in our memories. For days, we could not stop talking about the war telecast. We kept trying to figure out the reasons why countries go to war. Despite knowing the adverse effects of war, why are some countries still at war? So today, we discovered some of the reasons why countries go to war, and we are sharing them with you below:

  • To Defend Their Political Views: Politics-based wars are known as Civil War. It starts with disagreement between active political forces within a nation. Each of these parties wants to be in control of the affairs of their country or of the world. The parties feel the need to assert their political stand. These political groups don’t mind resolving to violence for them to gain control.. The well-known civil war was the Second World War between 1939 and 1945. During this period, about eighty-four million lives were lost.
  • To Defend Their Economy: When there is a threat to the economy of a nation, it may decide to start a war. Every country depends primarily on fiscal growth for survival. No country will want to allow a policy that will affect its economy to stand. A derailing economy is usually a prominent cause of war.
  • To Uphold Their Religious Beliefs: Several people are committed to their religious beliefs. The religious extremists want other individuals to live by their religious beliefs forcefully. Most of the wars going on in the world today has religious undertones. The Boko Haram attacks on Nigeria is a religious crisis, and so also is the ongoing Sudan war and Iraq unrest. Religion extremists have now turned to violence in their quest for power.
  • To Support A Neighboring Country: Nations that are at peace can be unavoidably thrown into war when trying to support another country that is getting defeated in a war.

Why Peace Should Reign Among Countries

Can you remember the war experience we recounted in the introductory part of this write-up? We are sure that you would not want to experience something similar. For people who have experienced war in the past, they certainly do not want to witness it again. We desire that peace should rain among countries due to the reasons below:

  • It Will Secure the Economy: When countries are at peace, there will be a chance for development. During a period of war, trading is almost impossible. Agricultural farms will be left unattended; natural resources such as crude oil that can be a primary source of revenue will be left untapped. Also, tourist centers will record very low attendance because, in reality, no one wants to visit a country that is at war. Also, no business oriented person would invest into such countries. When there is peace, the people will feel free to interact and trade. The nation’s economy will flourish.
  • It Will Reduce Wastage Of Resources: Do you realize how much resources go into wars? The procurement of arms and ammunition requires lots of money. A country at war will need resources to keep their military men in good shape while on the battle ground. There will also be the need for medical supplies. When a country is at war, it’s military budget will increase. All resources spent on war is wastage. If there is peace, the funds will be used to provide basic human needs, and for the social development of the country.
  • It Will Strengthen Co-existence: We think it is more fun when there is peaceful coexistence, don’t you think so too? The diversity in a society brings about a nation’s development. Peace will allow people from different ethnics, races and cultures to live together without any form of fear. In the diversity, there will be a flow of innovative ideas that will enhance a nation’s economy.
  • It Will Reduce Death And Poverty Rate: The death of loved ones is one of the many agonies of war. People who die during wars are not meant to die. They deserve a chance to live. If there were peace, they would probably still be alive. What about the high poverty rate? In a war-torn country, you will see the survivors looking haggard. The children usually suffer from malnutrition. Considering all these negative implications of war, would it not be better for peace to reign? When there is peace, there will be no mass loss of lives and poverty will be at it barest minimum.

Ways Government Should Promote Peace

As individuals, we all want peace to reign in our countries. While we do our part to keep our societies peaceful, we want you to know that our leaders also have a huge part to play in maintaining peaceful coexistence. Some of the ways through which the governments should promote peace are:

  • By Promoting Human Rights: For a nation to be at peace, the government will have to uphold human rights. When the rights of the people are taken from them, the people turn to violence which may eventually lead to war. The government should not condone any act that will violate the human rights that have been passed into their law. Some of the human rights the government should uphold are right to vote, freedom of religion, right to assemble peacefully, right to a fair court trial, and a lot more. The people will not see the need for violence once they feel accepted into the society.
  • By Encouraging Global Trading: Conducting business across the globe is a great way by which the government can promote peace. When there is global trading, every country will feel accepted by other nations. Global trading fosters communication and friendship between nations. When a country trades with other nations, it will most certainly not want to go to war with them. It will see those other countries as a major part of its sustainability.
  • By Recognizing the People’s Voice: A government that is seeking peace need to recognize the voice of its people. If you were to talk in a gathering, and nobody pays attention to what you have to say, how would you feel? Would you not feel offended? It’s the same thing for a nation. The people’s raised voice should be heard and attended to. Ignoring the voice of the citizens is a call for trouble.

Bottom Line

While our leaders are doing their part in promoting peace, every one of us should also embrace peace. Love your neighbors and respect other people’s religious beliefs. Do your part in promoting your nation’s economy. We should learn to tolerate one another. Your friends will make mistakes, and even the government cannot get it right always. No matter the wrong that is done against you, always remember that violence is never the answer.

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