What You Should Know About Climate Change

t4Everything around the world is changing fast. Our culture, dressing, lifestyle and the understanding of our community has changed tremendously. The days when people used to understand their culture and behave according to it has gone. Everybody is trying to live under a one-world umbrella. The change that is a major threat to our world is the climate change. While the other changes are a welcome development, the change to our climate can send all living things into extinction. Some of the things you need to know about climate change are below:

We may not be able to reverse the adverse effects our lifestyles has caused our climates, but we should do all we can to keep from adding to it.

Ways to Create Environmental Sanitation Awareness

The facts above about climate changes are a clear threat to human existence. People have to be educated on how to minimize some of these issues, as several of them are caused by human activities on the earth. Environmental sanitation awareness can be created by:

  • Organizing public lectures: This is an effective way to build environmental sanitation awareness. The impact of a public lecture is more than that of any other method. During the gathering which will be chaired by environmental health officers, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about areas they do not understand. Also, facilitators will have the chance to demonstrate the sanitation methods to the people.
  • Conducting a community rally: Environmental health teams can organize sanitation rally. During the event, they will show people some ways to the keep the environment safe for humans. Any interested person can be a part of the gathering because it will be in the open, and it is free for all.
  • Creating awareness through social media: The social media is also a great place to let people know the importance of environmental sanitation. A lot of people are very active on the social media. They go online to discuss anything that catches their interest. The environmental health teams can leverage the social media to reach millions of people, and keep sensitizing them about environmental sanitation.
  • Distributing pamphlets: Distribution of pamphlets is also a great way of creating sanitation awareness. The flyers should contain brief oversight of what environmental sanitation entails. Pamphlets have a way of reaching people thousands of miles away.
  • Making environmental sanitation a part of school curriculum: Lessons on environmental sanitation should be a part of the curriculum of every school in the United States. It will allow children to understand the meaning of environmental sanitation, and the reasons why is important to keep to the rules of making their environment safe.

Top 3 NGOs Working for Environmental Protection

Some non-governmental organizations around the world have taken it upon themselves to protect our environment. They have researched, and have come up with ways to make our world a safer place to live. Some of these NGOs are Sierra Club, Earth Policy Institute, and Natural Resources Defense Council.

Some Environmental Threats to Life Around the World

Based on all you have learnt so far, there is a need for you to understand some things happening in the world which, if not curbed, it can send the human population into extinction. Some of the threats are:

  • Deforestation: Trees are an important part of the environmental balance. Most of the trees in the forest have been cut down and used for various purposes. This act has unsettled the sense of balance in the ecosystem. Deforestation can result in erosion and ultimately, famine.
  • Human population: The population of people on the earth is exploding. The over-expanding populace is a big threat to life around the world because more demand is now placed on the available natural resources on the earth. The resources are being used up without efforts from anyone to replace them. The aquatic life, for example, is suffering from the effects of exploding human population. The fishes serve as primary food sources for humans. At the same time, their habitat which is the Marine is suffering from pollution from toxic metal wastes. If this should continue, it can lead to the extinction of all aqua life.
  • Bio-extinction: Lands that are meant for animals have been taken over by human due to the explosive population. No laws are governing the security of animals and also, no safeguarding practices are in place. People kill different animals every day. Some species are no more in the world because the last of their kind has been subjected to harsh environmental conditions.
  • Global climate change: This is the most obvious threat that everyone knows. The climate has changed. We now have lengthier summers than any other seasons. Summer is much hotter than it used to be, and it keeps getting more torrid yearly. The glaciers and polar ice caps that shields the world from direct sun rays are degrading due to global warming. These climate changes can cause more earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and floods.

Bottom Line

The responsibility to protect the world we live is a collective effort. Let us desist from doing the things that are threats to our existence. It is only united determinations that will yield results. Share the knowledge you have gained from here with other people. Let us work together in making our world a safe place to live.

Photo Credit: Amnh