What You Should Know About Climate Change

t5Today, climate change as a topic is not limited to scientists and researchers. Many individuals want to know more about this phenomenon do they can understand how best to save planet earth. When you think about it, climate change might be a good thing. If your country experiences about -10 degree Celsius typically, we’re sure they would welcome a rise in the temperature. Nobody wants to freeze too much.

On the flip side, many other countries whose climate is hot already experience hotter temperature with the change. So, in places like Africa, they experience about 35 degree Celsius in temperature, thanks to climate change. Can you see the effects of climate change? That’s not all. Polar ice caps are melting. There is a shift in rainfall patterns all around the world. Hurricanes and storms are slowly becoming the order of the day.

To save our planet, you must know more about climate change. By knowing more, you will know how to contribute towards making sure we live in a safe environment, and we don’t keep doing things that cause global warming. Are we still together? Here are some cogent things you should know about climate change:

  • Vehicles and cars are major contributors: Global warming is what leads to climate change. Activities that cause carbon emissions speeds up global warming. If you’re wondering where your car comes in, let us tell you. When you drive, your vehicle produces exhaust. Exhaust is a form of carbon emissions. In the United States, cars, trucks, and all other types of vehicles contribute 20% of carbon emissions.
  • Climate change causes diseases: Have you ever thought about the fact that the weather might be a major contributor to diseases? Change in the climate of tropical countries leads to increase in diseases like malaria, dengue, Lyme disease, and so on. These diseases are not only harmful. They are life threatening! As a result of this, more deaths occur as many people battle to save their lives.
  • Climate change has led to more floods: Many people have their homes on the island. Some persons even build their houses in the middle of rivers. Over the years, we have seen these people killed and others displaced because of floods. Coastal flooding has now become rampant thanks to climate change. Rainfall patterns have changed, so many countries experience rain more than their coast, rivers, and sea can accommodate.

Ways to Create Environmental Sanitation Awareness

In reducing the climate change problem, we need to be aware of the factors causing it. Therefore, there has to be a certain level of awareness raised in the society. If you are considering creating awareness about the environment, here are some ways which you can go about it:

  • Include it in school’s curriculum: About 40% of our population is made up of children and young adults. We should be focused on teaching them because, in a few years time, they are the ones that will carry on the leadership of the country. If they understand the importance of saving the environment, carrying on what we have already started now would not be a problem. We will be protecting our generation and the future generation to come.
  • Target the media: Media does not involve only social media. You can target the TV stations, radio stations, and so on. The main goal should be to broadcast about environmental awareness. Printing in the newspapers, distributing flyers are also great ways of disseminating information about the harmful effects of carbon emissions. You’ll be spreading awareness faster that way.
  • Organize a local outreach: Environmental education is important in all countries. However, in the US, we have many people who speak diverse languages. If you reach out to leaders in the community to organize an outreach, it will go a long way. If the task is too much for your community to handle, they can invite a non-governmental organization (NGO) whose primary focus is the protection of the environment.

Top 3 Non-Governmental Organization Working for Environmental Protection

NGO’s have been making a huge impact on our environment for years. Through them, we get educated, and they raise funds to help protect the environment. They are responsible for research, conservation, and so much more. In case you are going to invite an NGO for your local outreach, here are some you should consider:

  • Greenpeace: At least, about 70% of people would have heard of Greenpeace. When you think of those actively involved in organizing protests for environmental protection, this NGO should be your first “go-to.” The organization was founded in 1971, and it is one of the most populated NGO. They have more than three million members till date. They focus mostly on climate change, forests, nuclear energy, and much more.
  • World Wildlife Fund: Founded in 1961, they are popularly known as the WWF. Currently, the organization works in over 100 countries to conserve nature and to protect the biodiversity. They have over five million members.
  • Ocean Conservancy: The environment is not only limited to land. It also includes the ocean and the rivers. Since 1972, this NGO has worked to protect the health and vitality of the world’s oceans. They have an International Coastal Cleanup program which has removed about one hundred and fifty thousand pounds of trash from beaches in the last 26 years.

Some Environmental Threat to Life around the World

Have you been wondering what the fuss is all about? We’ve been talking about saving the environment, and you might not be aware of the threat to life we are facing. Let us tell you some of them:

  • Volcano: Although volcanoes have not happened in a long time, it is one of the biggest threat we face. With a single eruption, thousands of people can be wiped off the face of the earth.
  • Hurricane: In the US, we have witnessed many hurricanes. Can you remember Hurricane Katrina which happened in 2005? We still feel the devastating effects in the country till date.
  • Bush fire: This threat is one of the most dangerous. It can destroy crops, wildlife and human life in the space of seconds. The primary cause of bush fire is lightening. The countries that have experienced it have not recovered from it years down the line. High winds are a threat as well because they fan the fire.

Bottom Line

We cannot live in the world and neglect our environment. Our environment is who we are. Without it, where would we live? Let us all join hands together and fight global warming. Although some effects of it might be inevitable, we can work hard to reduce its pace. We’re all in this together!

Photo Credit: Century21