What Is the Best Therapy for Heart Break?

It all played out like a scene from a romantic movie. You met and fell in love with someone who also felt the same way about you. You both swore to love each other forever. You were so sure that you had finally met the one for you. But then it all came crashing down. Your loved one no longer find you attractive, leaving you with the broken pieces of a relationship that was once beautiful.

You may have been encouraged by family and friends to seek therapy for the hurt you are feeling. But with the thousands of therapy available, how do you know which one is the best for you? If you have ever found yourself in such a scenario, we have just the thing you need – narrative therapy.

What is narrative therapy

Narrative therapy has been recognized by most experts as the best therapy suitable for dealing with heartbreaks. Narrative therapy is a form of treatment that differentiates the person from the problems they encounter in their daily lives. It believes that the stories we tell ourselves are far more important in helping us make sense of the chaos surrounding our daily life. It is mainly a collaborative effort between the client and therapist.

Benefits of narrative therapy

In this guide, we offer you reasons why undergoing narrative therapy will put you on the road to healing:

  • Puts you in the driver’s seat: Narrative therapy regards you as the expert in the story of your life. It takes away attention from the therapist and puts the spotlight on you. Your motives, values, beliefs, goals and dreams are studied without any air of judgment surrounding them. It believes that you have the ability to turn the story of your life around with just a little assistance from the therapist. This method has empowered most people to stop wallowing in their pain and take over the affairs of their lives.
  • Focuses on your strengths: With this therapy, past failures or weakness are unimportant. They do not contribute to the current story of your life. Your strengths, skills, and knowledge are the only information required from you. So you don’t have to worry about bringing up embarrassing or traumatic memories.
  • It’s non-judgmental: This advantage is at the very center of what narrative therapy is all about. The heartbreak is not seen as a part of you. You are encouraged to treat it as an entirely different object. This method is quite useful as it breaks down your resistance and defenses without hurting you in the process.
  • Helps you create a new identity: Research has shown that the stories we tell ourselves contributes to the way we view life. You may have decided that you are a failure since you failed in your relationship. Narrative therapy views this behavior as unacceptable. You will be assisted by the therapist to rewrite your story and form a new identity that will be beneficial to you.

Bottom Line

Narrative therapy is a refreshing concept that can help you overcome any disappointments. It frees you from any feelings of guilt and shame that may have had before.  With this form of therapy, you are guaranteed that your hurt will soon be a thing of the past.

Photo Credit: Canstockphoto