What Are the Psychological Reasons Behind Depression?

Psychological depression is the most common type of depression. It often results from the lifestyle of an individual. And psychological depression can also be an effect of the thinking pattern of a person. An individual suffering from this type of depression would be physically weak and mentally drained. They lack drive and zeal to do things that they used to love. Additionally, such people experience drastic weight loss, and insomnia.
A perfect example of someone who had psychological depression is Nate. We got talking with him a few weeks ago. Nate complained of troubled sleep and uncontrollable weight loss. He also told us that he feels easily agitated and angry. Nate was worried about all those symptoms he had been experiencing for about four months. So, we asked Nate a few questions based on our knowledge and experience with depression. From his answers, we realized that Nate could be depressed. Here are some reasons some psychological reasons behind this:

  • Prolonged abuse: Nate is a victim of abuse. Like several people, he is suffering from verbal abuse from his boss. However, abuse can occur in several ways. It could be sexual assault or physical abuse or verbal abuse. An abused person is usually angry, sad, and scared. However, if such person happens to stay in an abusive situation for long, the psychological effect is often depression.
  • Long-term illness: People battling with a chronic illness such as cancer, often wonder if they would live to see another day. Such people are angry about their deteriorating health. They often feel sad because they cannot do the things they love to do again. As a result, such people might begin to withdraw from their loved ones. They get easily provoked, and agitated. Additionally, they easily feel hurt and cry a lot. Once a person starts to show these symptoms, it is an imminent sign of depression.
  • Loneliness: Staying without company is no fun. If you are cut off from the rest of the world for a long time, you would obviously be lonely. Loneliness makes you believe that life is harsher that it is. This line of thought causes an individual to be mentally damaged and fall into depression.
  • Stressful/monotonous jobs: Do you remember Nate? He told us he works from 7 am to 8pm every day. He does not have time to socialize. Any individual that has a stressful job like Nate’s, would start feeling used, unloved, and lonely. Additionally, such people would be dejected and lonely on most occasions. These are the common psychological effects of stressful jobs. And they often lead to depression.

Bottom Line
Depression happens to people for different reasons. It is usually a combination of various factors. So, if you are going through difficult circumstances, you need to watch out for signs of depression. And no matter how psychologically balanced you think you are, you can get depressed. Promptly seek help immediately you notice any symptom of depression.
Photo credit: U.S.news