Ways You Stress Yourself Out Without Knowing It

Kate is a fitness addict. She wakes up at 5 am every day and does her routine run around her neighborhood. And later in the day, Kate goes to the gym for an hour for weightlifting. Kate eats only healthy meals, and she tries as much as possibly to remain sane. But for about six months now, Kate has not been in top shape. She feels stressed out and could not figure out the cause of her mood.
Well, this type of problem is not peculiar to only Kate. Many people out there are not immune from this. Sometimes, you feel stressed without knowing why or what you are doing wrong. But here is the good news. Partly why you are experiencing this challenge is because you often engage in some activities which are not good for your health. Let’s highlight some of them for you:

  • Staying motionless: Some individuals are guilty of staying immobile for too long. Some even like sitting for hours. The truth is that a sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to your health. If you are the type who likes staying curled up under the blanket on a couch for long hours, we advise you to quit such habit to avoid stress.
  • Perfectionism: People who like to have things in order at all times are natural candidates for stress. Their brain would constantly be at work because they would always be thinking about how to make everything around them perfect. If this is who you are, then you need to take a break. We are not saying that being a perfectionist is an entirely bad habit. Rather, what we meant is that you should know when to let go and take a rest.
  • Over-seriousness: People who are over serious are just stressing their minds and muscles unnecessarily. Life is fun, and you need to stop taking everything in life seriously. Simplify your job and don’t spend too much hours working. Always find time to take a break from work. Furthermore, find a joke in everything around you and have a good laugh. Even when things are going awfully like a deteriorating health or a deliberate hurt from someone, don’t take it too seriously. Ditch the stern expression that you always carry about and plant a permanent smile on your face.
  • Bottling up negative emotions: Emotional challenges always cause stress. But what keeps the tension in place is when you bottle up the negative feelings. Doing such is bad for your health. So cry if you feel like crying, and yell if you want to scream. Don’t keep it bottled up because you want to stay strong. It will only lead to stress without you even knowing it.

Bottom Line
Based on all we have listed above, examine yourself. Be certain that you are not guilty of one of the habits above. If you realize that you practice one of the listed, do things differently and watch the stress fade off.
Photo Credit: Beyondmaybe