Ways You Can Help a Stroke Victim

Today makes it the 21st day that Sandy has been home due to stroke. She can barely talk to her family and relatives, let alone stand to do things on her own. What initially started as a mild illness turned out to be something even bigger. She initially complained of dizziness and loss of balance. It was finally diagnosed by the physician to be the dreadful stroke.

It is sad to know that there are a lot of victims passing through what Sandy has been through. It has left a lot of American families helpless as their loved ones are a victim of the stroke. Research has shown that stroke is third killer disease after cancer and heart disease. The problem of how to help those who are unfortunate to be victims of this disease becomes something everyone has to look into. Some of the ways that you can be of help to stroke victims are as follows:

  • Call for immediate help: It is crucial for you to know that stroke is just like any other medical emergency like a heart attack. You should call for immediate help immediately you see signs of stroke. Dial the emergency number for the country and call the immediate attention of those around. You should then arrange how the victim is going to be taken to the nearest hospital. This leads us to the next point.
  • Know the signs of stroke: It will be quite difficult solving a problem you cannot identify. You have to know the signs and symptoms of stroke so that you can call for immediate help once you notice these signs. For instance, if a person complains of dizziness, loss of coordination or balance, combined with trouble speaking, then you should call for immediate help.
  • Help with the rehabilitation of the victim: treatments to facilitate recovery for stroke victims usually take about a week before it starts in the past. However, it is now believed that the best time to begin rehabilitation for the victim is immediately. Employ the services of rehab teams such as speech therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists. Work with these specialists to help the victim through the recovery process.
  • Provide emotional and physical support: This is one of the most important things that stroke victims need. They need some support through what they are going through. Professionals instruct the families and friends of the victims on the specific support to give the victims. For instance, if a victim has paralysis, then he/she may need help with a lot of exercises. If the patient has his/her speech affected, then you can gradually assist the patient in learning the basis of the language again.
  • Stimulating the senses of the victim: Research have proven that the more the brain is challenged, the better the recovery of neuronal function. Which is all good for a stroke victim. Stimulation is another vital aspect in the recovery of stroke. Stimulate the brain by listening to audio books and music and working out. Survey has also shown that stroke victims that listened to music on a daily basis in the early stages of stroke have a better recovery when compared with does that do not listen to it.

Bottom Line

Understanding how to take proper care of stroke victims increases the chances that they recover quickly. Reading and understanding the tips given in this write-up gives you a basic understanding of how to do this. With time, you are guaranteed to see improvement in the patient.

Photo Credit: Swbh