Ways We Can Overcome Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is like a voice in your head that keeps telling you that you don’t have what it takes to accomplish your dreams. For instance, Stephanie is brilliant woman who has lots of creative business ideas. She would, however, never complete a project because of self-doubt. On the one hand, Stephanie has an outstanding sewing skill, and she decided to make it a profession. On the other hand, her belief system is weak: Stephanie’s first client was an unappreciative lady who condemned the clothes Stephanie made for her. The words of the customer made Stephanie to conclude that she was not good enough to be a seamstress. Despite all the support and encouragement that Stephanie got from her friends and families, her self-doubt prevailed: Stephanie never got over the negative remark of her first client, and she did not sew again.

For people like Stephanie, one negative comment can discourage them from fulfilling their goals even when they knew they have the capabilities of achieving success. If you are like such individuals, we think the following tips can help you overcome your doubts.

  • Be committed to your vision: There was a reason why you started that project, lifestyle, or whatever it is that is new in your life. Write out the idea and place it in a location where you can see it every day. Whenever self-doubt creeps in, go back to your written vision. Remind yourself of the reasons why you started and your ultimate goals. For example, if you are working on shedding some pounds, you can photoshop a picture of a slim version of yourself and stick it on your bedroom wall. At least, It will be a constant reminder of your vision and the fact that you can achieve your dreams.
  • Focus less of what people think of you: Criticism is good especially when it is a constructive one. However, if you have self-doubt, even a constructive criticism can make you put an end to a lucrative mission. You have to focus less on what think about you. Develop the mindset that everyone would judge you based on their perception of life. When someone says something to tear you down, tell yourself that it is probably because the person is having a bad day.
  • Always remember your past successes: Although you have self-doubt, we are sure that there are some things that you have succeeded in previously. Anytime you want to give up on your dreams, motivate yourself by remembering some of your achievements. Take some minutes or a few hours to bask in the euphoria of the previous wins. By doing so, you would surely draw some motivation that would push you towards accomplishing this ongoing task.
  • Celebrate every milestone: You don’t always have to wait till you accomplish a mission before you appreciate your efforts. Every significant step you take towards reaching your set goal matters. Like in the case of Stephanie, instead of focusing on the derogatory remark of her first client, she could have celebrated the fact that she got a first client that was willing to trust her with her fabric. There is always something that is worth celebrating.


Taking all the steps above does not mean that you would overcome self-doubt in a week or even in a year. You have to make these tips a lifestyle so as to totally overcome self-doubt. Pick yourself up each time you fall into self-doubt, shut out that voice that says you can’t do it, and aim to be the best in anything you do.

Photo Credit: Huffingtonpost