Top 4 Charities That Support Veterans

s5We spoke to a widow who has all her four sons in the military. Our first question to her was, “why did you let them go and join the army?” She said, “My husband is a fallen hero of this great nation. While he was alive, I understood what it meant to be a selfless person. I saw in him, a great determination to defend what he believed in, and I learnt that from him. He was a great man, and I want his sons to be great. When they decided to join the military, I was excited because I knew and understood that they are towing the path of greatness. They have chosen to put others first.” With a tear drop, she said, “I’m a mother of four selfless veterans, and I’m proud of them.”

We want you to think about the life of the widow. She is alone, and all her children are gone to serve their fatherland. Though she is happy about it, we want you to picture how lonely her life can be. Who helps her when she needs help? Who gives her an unconditional hug when she needs one? In case you don’t know, her story is the story of many veterans and their families. They need every one of us to support them in every way we can. Some organizations have already taken it upon them to help veterans. Some of them are:

How to Access Funds to Support Military Families

Funds that are set aside for the military families are meant to support them when they face unexpected challenges. The issues they need the funds for should be one that arose due to the fact that their family is a service member. Widows and orphans are entitled to these funds. Also, a wounded veteran has the right to these funds for proper medical treatment. It is good for military families to know how to access these resources. Some of the ways are:

  • Apply at Designated Offices In-Person: To get funds to support your military family, you can walk into any of the offices in charge of the funds. When you get there, you will be asked to fill a form which will contain all your required details. When you have done this, you submit the form, and the processing starts immediately. It should take some hours, or sometimes days, depending on the accuracy of the details in the form you filled.
  • Fill the Request Form Online: There are agencies in charge of military funds. Several of them have websites which you can visit. Once you visit these sites, you will see the section to view, and the instructions to follow. You will also have to fill an online form, and you should get emails on the progress of your application. For example, to access military funds online through the American Red Cross, visit
  • Apply over the Telephone: Another way to access the funds is to put a telephone call through to the organizations in charge. A representative will ask you some of the necessary details. Your request will be documented for processing immediately.

Some of the questions you should have answers to are: Full legal name, rank/rating, branch of service, social security number, date of birth, and military unit address. There may be more questions depending on the organization through which you are accessing the fund.

Why We Should Support Military Families

The military families are like the sacrificial lambs of our nation. They send their loved ones to defend the country. While the loved one is away, they face several issues. Here are some of the challenges they face, which are the reason why you should help them:

  • They Are Selfless: Have you ever thought about how difficult it would be for you to release your loved one to go and face dangers? Have you ever thought about giving up your joy and relationship for the development of your society? These are the sacrifices the military families pay. They gave up their loved ones for the safety of their country. The veterans are not the only heroes; their families are also one. You should support them for their selflessness.
  • They Live an Uncertain Life: Changing apartment is not an easy decision, not to talk of having to change towns. Military families often live an uncertain life when it comes to accommodation. They may stay in a place for just six months before they have to move again. The change friends, lose touch with members of their extended families, and always have to find a way to adapt to a new environment. Their children have to keep changing schools, and they may never be able to have long-term friendships. All these changes are emotionally draining. If you come across any military family in your neighborhood, they need your support to help them look beyond the uncertainty.
  • They Want to Know That You Care: The wife of a military man wants to keep hearing that her husband will come back home to her. The children miss their father, and they want to be sure that he will be home someday. Show military families support by reassuring them that all will go well with their loved ones. Though they know that you are not really sure about those words, it will feel right for them to keep hearing it from people around them. They will feel loved, and appreciated. The military families will continually draw strength from supports coming through reassuring words.
  • Low Financing: Sometimes, military families have little funds getting to them from their loved ones. They have bills to settle also. This is another reason why they need your assistance. Supportt them by making donations when you can. If you keep donating cash and items to a charitable organization in charge of the veterans, their families will have somewhere to solicit for funds when they are in dire need.

Bottom Line

Veterans are the strength of the nation. They are out there, paying the price for you. Their families are also doing their part by supporting their loved ones. Even though they are doing all these voluntarily, they still need your support to keep them going. You should think of a way to support a military family.

Photo Credit: Goodwillnynj