Top 10 University Courses in the 21st Century

e-6Everyone wants to study a course that is relevant to the society. Or let’s say people desire to learn a discipline or a marketable skill that guarantees financial independence. And that is why people enroll for top courses in the university. Individuals go for these courses because the acquired knowledge are notably beneficial to the society. In other words, these courses provide a high rate of job opportunities, skills, and career advancement for job seekers.

All in all, we know you want a career that is rewarding or a profession that provides room for development and growth. And that is why your interest and goal should be a priority before studying any course in the college. These goals will help you work diligently in your desired course and excel in your career.

Whether you are a high school graduate preparing for college, a professional who wants to get another degree or someone who wants a career change, we’ve got you covered in this article. We will give you a synopsis of the top 10 courses offered in colleges. Here are the lists:

Business and Management: This course is popular and offered in various colleges. You can study this course if you want to know more about the corporate sector. A degree in business and management offers you many career prospects in public, private and non-profit organizations. Professionals like executives may decide to go ahead to obtain a Masters in Business and Management (MBA) to gain more knowledge in the field. A degree in Business Administration gives you the opportunity to work as a Management Trainee, Project Manager, Corporate Controller, Director, Consultant and top executives in the business sector.    

Architecture, Building, and Planning: If you love buildings and would love to work in the real estate industry, then architecture is the right course for you. Architecture is one of the sought-after degree courses in the university. Building and Planning is an exciting course, and it offers you various career prospects. The Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) is a professional degree course with the duration of 4 to 5 years in the college. With a degree in Architecture, you have many job options like being an Architect, Building Surveyor, Planning and Development Surveyor, Interior and Spatial Designer, Landscape Architect and many others. If you love to impact knowledge, you are not left out. You can be a lecturer in a higher institution with this course.

Medicine & Surgery: Medical practitioners are always in high demand in various sectors in the country. Therefore a medicine and surgery course is widely sought after in the university. It comprises of careers options like a research scientist, medical doctor, physician, healthcare manager, lecturer, international aid worker and much more. A degree in medicine and surgery provides opportunities to work in the armed forces, prisons, hospitals, universities, research institutes, public, private and non-profit health organizations.

Biological Sciences: This course is the right choice if you have a keen interest in life science. This course is popular in colleges because people like environmentalists, zoologists, microbiologists, wildlife and marine biologist are paid well to study our environment. A degree in biological sciences offers you career options in health care, government agencies, private industries, research fields, university teaching and so on.   

Law: Do you desire a career in law? If yes, then getting a degree in law is your first step. A degree in Law is highly rated in colleges because of its importance in the society. Moreover, it isn’t mandatory to become a lawyer after law school. Various career fields and organizations need your knowledge. You can go into career fields like being a professional counselor, public interest advocate, mediator, journalist, or writer. Other sectors lawyers can go into include development agencies, banking and finance, tax offices, government and politics, and academia.   

Psychology: This course is popular because of its broad career field. Psychology involves studying human behaviors through scientific methods. It has many job prospects like Educational Psychologists, Developmental Psychologists, Counseling Psychologist, Consumer Psychologist, Cognitive Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Child Psychologist, Environmental Psychologist, Engineering Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Military Psychologist, Sports Psychologist, Media Psychologist, Health psychologist and much more. A Bachelor’s degree in psychology helps you understand human behavior. As a psychologist, you can become a therapist, a counsellor, a writer, or a human resource manager.   

Engineering: Engineering is one of the top courses offered in the university because it offers a large number of job opportunities or job seekers. In this 21st century, we need new inventions, and that’s why engineers are necessary. A degree in engineering offers career opportunities such as Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Marine Engineering, Software Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Electrical Engineering and much more. 

Nursing: A career in nursing is personally and financially rewarding. A degree in nursing offers you the opportunity to pursue a career as a Certified Dialysis Nurse, Certified Nurse Midwife, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse, Nursing Informatics Analyst, Nurse Anesthetist or Nurse Researcher and Practitioner.

Computer Science: As a computer scientist, you can work as a Computer Programmer, Network and Systems Administrator, Information Systems Manager, Database Administrator, Computer Network Architect or a Data Mining Specialist. And of course, the course is very lucrative.

Languages: In this modern era, people need to speak various languages to aid communication. A degree in language broadens your horizon. An individual level in language provides job opportunities in the foreign civil service, airline services, advertising, event management, hotel management, editing, and publishing. With this course, you can work as a translator in any institution.


The courses mentioned above are highly rewarding. With these fields, you will find it very easy to get a job after you graduate from college. In a word, these courses offer excellent career prospects and make graduates excel outside the university. If you have a degree in other fields, don’t worry. You can still enroll for these top courses. So, what are you waiting for today? 

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