Top 10 Scientific Discoveries So Far in the 21st Century

The 21st century came in with a bang and lots of excitement. People were filled with hope at the thought of new beginnings and more discoveries. Their hope was not cut short in any way whatsoever. After many decades of hard work and dedication, researchers made rat stem cell, and the large Hadron Collider fired up for the first time. Many more discoveries can be accounted for but here are the top ten that wowed both us and the society as a whole:
10. Robotic limbs invention: This discovery is still yet to be popular. The essence if it is that amputees and paralyzed patients have the opportunity to control robotic limbs using their minds. This discovery will surely have a great impact on the lives of many people.
9. Stem cell therapy: With this incredible innovation, many lives have been saved. Patients who are in need of organs can readily get one because of the research that has been carried out extensively on this discovery.
8. Building speakers from carbon nanotubes: A carbon nanotube is one of the materials that is not so popular in the scientific world. However, Chinese researchers have been able to build loudspeakers from this material.
7. Sequencing genome of cancer patients: This discovery enabled doctors to point out the mutations that were responsible for the cancer growth. Mapping out the genome of the cancer patient is a better step to adequate treatment. Now, people with cancer successfully live with it and live healthy lives.
6. Confirmation of dark matter: Researchers are still not sure what dark matter It’s just a phrase they use to describe unexplainable things in their studies. However, in 2006, a team of researchers confirmed its existence.
5. Signs of water on Mars: Samples of white powder were taken from Mars in 2008 by a team of astronauts. They confirmed the white powder to be water ice. The discovery is not only confirmation of water. It also means there is life on Mars, but we are yet to discover it.
4. Growing new organs from a patient’s stem cells: This is different to the point mentioned earlier. One of the most amazing discoveries the 21st century brought in is the ability for doctors to grow new organs for patients out of the stem cell of the patient. It happened to a 30-year-old woman with tuberculosis whose stem cells were used to grow a new trachea.
3. The invention of supercomputers: These computers have the ability to do many things. Scientists can quickly identify meaningful patterns in large mounds of data. Even meteorologists can use it to predict the water. In short, these computers have broken the Petaflop barrier.
2. Finding other galaxies: Right from elementary school, we have been told that there are just eight planets in the solar system. In the 21st century, that fact has been disproved as researchers have discovered that there are more planets. And they are not much bigger than Planet Earth.
1. Human Immunodeficiency Virus cure: A doctor in Berlin called Gero Heuttercured a person with HIV and leukemia. All he did was transplant bone marrow from a patient that was immune to HIV to the person that had HIV. However, he had to break down the patient’s immune system to achieve his results.
So, those are the top ten scientific discoveries of the 21st century. We are sure that a lot more discoveries will he made in a few years to come which rival these. Keep your ears alert and be attentive. We will surely update you as scientists discover more.
Photo Credit: Insilicom