Top 10 Important Facts about Bullying

picture-11This morning, we witnessed an incident that led to this topic. Stay with us while we tell you the story. A young teenager named Terrence was walking to his house. He had his earpiece in his ears and was murmuring to the song he was listening to. His age was about 16 or 17 years old. We can’t say for sure. All of a sudden, a car drove down and parked right beside him. A huge boy of 17 stepped out of the vehicle. Let’s call him Alex. Alex started pushing Terrence around and saying a lot of things to him. Alex took his Terrence’s iPod and stomped on it. Alex then slapped him a couple of times too. All this took place in the space of three minutes.

This type of bullying occurs daily in the US. What other kind exists? Bullying can also come in the form of repeated teasing, verbal abuse, spreading rumors, physical attack, hazing, excluding someone on purpose, and so on.

Now that we have gotten the foundational knowledge out of the way, you can know the crucial facts about bullying. We will take you through the details from number ten to number one. So, keep calm, read, digest and let your eyes open to what is going on in our country. Here are the vital facts:

10. Physical Abuse versus Verbal Abuse: Surely, you know what physical abuse is. If you don’t, let us clarify it to you. Physical abuse is when someone punches you, kicks you, slaps you, and so on. Verbal abuse, on the other hand, is someone constantly saying hurtful words to you. Have you ever been called “dumb,” “stupid,” “gay,” over and over again by someone? That is verbal abuse. Our thought-provoking number ten fact is that reports have found that verbal abuse remains constant in all phases of life. Whether you’re in elementary school or the University, you might experience verbal bullying. Physical bullying, on the other hand, increases in elementary school, reaches its climax in middle school and totally drops in high school.

9. Gender Sympathy: If you are a high schooler reading this, you might have a friend that is being bullied. We are sure you feel sympathy for him or her. Maybe you have even taken steps to stop the bullies. The number nine most important fact is that as young males age, they feel less sympathy for people that are being bullied. In some cases, they even aggravate the problem instead of finding a solution to it. Whereas, young females feel more concern as they grow up. They are the ones more likely to report on behalf of a friend that is being bullied.

8. School Drop-outs: We go to school because we want to learn and because we are trying to make something better of ourselves. Getting a formal education can open doors you never imagined possible. Despite that, we have some people in the society that drop out of school. Do you know some people like that? Some drop out because they can’t pay their tuition fees. A few drop out because they feel schooling is too hard and they have another talent that will be more profitable. We have news for you today. Facts reveal that out of every ten children in schools, at least one quits school because of bullying. Wow!

7. Age: How old are you? You are a legal adult when you are eighteen years old. You can drive, drink, smoke, and so on. You have all the freedom you could ever want. However, an important is that in our society today, at least 45% of people under 18 experience bullying. Isn’t that a lot? So, that teenager you see down the street that is always moody might be experiencing bullying.

6. Student Report: If you are out of school and you are reading this, what was the biggest problem in your school? Will bullying not rank in the first three position? It should not come as a shock to you that our number 6 important fact is that 71% of students report bullying incidents as a problem in their school. That number is a lot!

5. Adult Help: Don’t worry, we’re halfway already. If you are being bullied, the most reasonable thing to do is to report, right? The number 5 important fact about bullying is that 67% of students are of the opinion that schools in the US don’t tackle the bullying problem well. They also believe reporting doesn’t make it better because adults rarely help. And even if they do, the help is not useful or sufficient.

4. Job Difficulty: Getting a job is hard. Keeping a job is even harder. One of the effects of bullying is that it causes psychological trauma. At the number 4, a crucial fact about bullying is that those have been bullied before are going to work twice as hard at keeping a job, compared to those that don’t have the same experience.

3. Health Problems: Anything that messes with your emotions will affect your mental health. Have you noticed we sometimes feel ill when we’re not on talking terms with someone? Our surprising number three fact is that bullying causes a lot of health problems. If you are being bullied, you might experience severe illnesses or develop a psychology problem.

2. Truancy: When you think about it, how many students do we have in our school? We cannot afford some of them skipping school because they might be the geniuses we need in the future. Imagine how shocked we were when we realized about 170,000 children don’t go to school every day because of bullying. In case you missed it, that was your number 2 critical fact.

1. Yearly Victims: Can we have a drumroll, please? The number one important fact is that over 4 million people are victims of bullying every year. No, you didn’t read that wrong. We mean 4 million people in America. Can you see bullying is more common than we realize?

Bottom Line

These facts we have mentioned do not support bullying. Bullying is never okay in any form and at any time. Look around you. Your next-door neighbor might be a victim. Your best friend might be going through it silently. Your child might be dying inside because of bullying. If you are being bullied, there are lots of things you can do. You can call and report to bullying support lines. You can tell your parents. You can confide in someone you trust. You can even go to the police if it is beyond your control. Please, take note that your life is valuable. Tackle the bullies today by doing the right thing!

Photo Credit: Empowernetworktrading