Top 10 Gender Issues Affecting Women around the World

f8As a man, have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were to be a woman? We are sure some women reading this article right now are smiling. Do you know why? It is because you can only imagine the life of a woman, but you cannot fully comprehend it except if you are one.

Women are dynamic in nature. Do you know that just one woman can take up the role of three men at once and handle each part successfully? We chatted with a neighbor some time ago, and he made a revelation when we asked him about his wife. He said, “The woman is not human. I don’t know how she does it, but she is perfect in everything.” He went further to say that his wife and mom must have come from the same planet because they are the most dynamic humans he has ever met. We smiled because we understood what he was trying to say. We just wish he knows that all women are exactly like his mom and wife.

However, it is sad to observe that these extraordinary creatures around the world are facing a lot of gender issues. If we are not careful, these gender problems may start to affect the essence of women’s personalities. Some of the issues affecting women are as follows:

  • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM): The World Health Organization reported that about three million girls in Africa undergo some form of genital procedures. These procedures are carried out to alter the female genital organs without a medical basis. FGM is an issue that is affecting several women around the world. It is unacceptable. It violates the right of a woman. Governments around the world have tried to put an end to it, but they are yet to achieve this. Also, some non-governmental organizations are educating people about the adverse effects of FGM. Hopefully, gender violation issue will soon end.
  • Career Discrimination: It is sorrowful that women are still judged by their gender when it comes to the choice of a profession. Some engineering companies will not even employ a woman. Worldwide, some individuals still think that females are meant to do odd jobs or they should not work at all. Why should someone say a woman is only good for child bearing? This discrimination should be stopped. Women are humans, and they have a right to a decent career.
  • Reproductive Health and Rights: Have you ever spoken to a reproductive health officer? The next time you see one, ask him/her about the number of males that come around to seek medical help when they have a reproductive issue in their marriages. How many men go for family planning around the world? It is now a general believe that reproductive health responsibilities should be shouldered by the women.
  • Rape: Do you know the number of women that are raped all over the world every day? How many cases of men that were rape victims did you hear about recently? We will not be surprised if your answer is “None”. Women are the most frequent victims of sexual assault. They are targeted for sexual violation by men irrespective of their race or age. Another question we want to ask you is that, how many of these rapists get convicted of the crime? The authorities let them go because they put the blame on the victim. Until we put an end to this blame shifting, several women will still be victims of rape.
  • Child Marriage: Globally, according to reports, fifteen million girls every year are forced into early marriage. It means that about forty-one thousand females every day or nearly one girl in every two seconds are compelled to marry at a very young age. Child marriage is a troubling issue for women around the world. Can you imagine your eleven-year-old daughter getting married? Why should anyone force a child into wedlock? Asides the facts that these young girls are not emotionally ready for the responsibilities of the union, their bodies are not fully developed to bear the physical effects of sex and childbirth. They are also at risk of complications that may arise as a result of childbirth.
  • Trafficking: According to Huffpost, 20.9 million adults and children are bought and sold worldwide into commercial sexual servitude and forced labor. They concluded that trafficking women and children are the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. Women and girl make up 98% of victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation.
  • Domestic Violence: Domestic violence is now on the rise around the world. The larger percentages of the victim of domestic violence are women. A lot of them will not speak up about their situation. They stay in the condition for up to five years sometimes before seeking help. Some women have died due to domestic violence. Women should flee from domestic abuse. There is the need for more women’s shelter so that victims will have a place to go when running from domestic violence.
  • Sexual Harassment: Sex demands in exchange for a favor is a worldwide issue affecting women. Women are no longer given fair access to what is rightfully theirs. They are harassed verbally. Not only that, sexual harassment against women has now extended to the cyber world. For example, women seeking for employment are attacked by the person in charge of recruiting, and a male lecturer harasses a female student. Law enforcement agents in some countries are also perpetrators of sexual harassment against women.
  • Sex-Selective Abortion: Female fetuses around the world get aborted every day. Do you want to know the reason? It is because some people think that the male child is better that the female child. Are you surprised that even an unborn girl is a victim of gender discrimination also? In the UK, MPs recently rejected a proposed amendment to the Serious Crime Bill, to clarify in law that abortion on the grounds of gender alone is illegal in the UK. Aborting a fetus because it is a female is a crime that should be addressed.
  • Limited Education: In some countries of the world especially in Africa, the female child is still denied the rights to proper education. A lot of girls do not go to school beyond the high school level. It is absurd for someone to conclude that if a female should get to the peak of their education, they will dominate the men. Do we sense insecurity somewhere? Every female has rights to education as does a male.

Bottom Line

Women are strong creatures. Despite all the issues facing women around the world, you will still see an average woman raise her head up high and ready to take up her responsibilities. Irrespective of what the world thinks, women have come to stay. So, let us join our voices together and find a solution to the problems facing women.

Photo Credit: Maryloudriedger2