Tired of Exercising Without Any Result? Read This

q3“Do I have to get up and wear my workout clothes again?”, “Why do I even feel the need to go to the gym?”, “I am not stepping my foot in that place again; I am done!” These were Brad’s thoughts one beautiful Saturday morning.

Wait a minute, Brad. Why are you feeling miserable? Why has the gym suddenly turned into a place that you don’t want to go? We thought you liked it there. Oh Ok! Now, we get it. You are tired of exercising because you do not see the results you desired. 

Are you also in Brad’s situation described above? Before you make any final decision, we want you to take some time to read this through. Firstly, see below for some reasons why you are exercising and not seeing results:

  • You need more time: Did you just start exercising a week or two ago? Are you comparing yourself to someone that has been working out for about six months consistently? We want you to know that it may take you a little more time to see results. You may have started a workout routine with someone who is already seeing results. So what? You are different, and your body compositions differ. Give it some more time and shift your focus from the physical results you are expecting. Concentrate on how you feel within.
  • You are eating the wrong food: You can’t fill yourself up with all the junk foods around you and expect a miracle at the gym. No way!  You can’t out train a bad diet. We want you to know that and are made in the kitchen, and developed at the gym. 70% of your workout results depends on what you eat. Just before you give up on exercising,  try eating healthy with your workout routine. Don’t forget to get back to us when you start seeing results.
  • You are eating the right food in the wrong way: Someone is saying, “what about me that have been eating healthy?” Well, it’s good to know that you have been eating healthy but how much quantity do you eat? Are you sure you don’t eat for two after each workout routine? Have you heard about portion controlling? Your food may be healthy, but you still have to control the quantity.
  • You are over-exercising: There should be a limit to all we do as humans. Your body has its pain threshold. There is a limit to how much exercise your body can take. If you overdo it, your body will build resistance as a means of fighting back. You don’t need to spend five hours per day working out. The recommended time frame is at most sixty minutes per day for five days in a week. If you are a beginner, stick to thirty to forty minutes workout and increase it as your strength increases.
  • You need to change your routine: Have you been doing the same routine over and over again? You should know that by now, your body is used to it. The style is not making any more difference to your muscles or to the fat cells in your body. At this stage, you need to shake things up a little bit more. Start an entirely different workout plan. Nobody does the same thing repeatedly and sees a different result. The saying applies to exercising. Do something else, and you will see your body changing.

Why You Need to Exercise

Have you been thinking about taking up some form of exercise lately? Probably you have been seeing several people around you who are committed to working out, and you have been wondering why they are so into it. Are you one of those thinking about quitting working out because you do not see the results yet? Take more time to read the importance of exercising that we will discuss below before you make that decision.

  • It aids weight loss: This seems to be the popular reason why people start working out. While exercising, you burn off some calories from your body. Fats in your body will breakdown, and with time, they are replaced with lean muscles. If you are trying to lose weight, you should include some minutes of exercising into your daily routine.
  • It reduces stress: The stress hormone, cortisol is quickly cleared out by exercising. No matter the cause of your stress, hit the gym, and sweat it out. There is no better antidote for managing stress than exercising. You will feel refreshed, and your mind will be cleared.
  • It makes you feel more confident: Have you lost confidence in your looks? At what level is your self-esteem right now? Working out will restore your confidence and boost your self-worth. When you work out consistently, you will feel elated and ready to face the world without fear.
  • It makes you look younger: Research has shown that people who regularly exercise will look much younger than their age mates. Have you ever met someone who told you her age and the next thing you said was, “No way!  You look much younger than that.” Well, that is the result of dedication to sweating out daily.
  • It builds your strength: You know that some people will never climb the stairs, right? They always make sure they catch the elevator. The obvious reason is that they are physically weak. They can’t climb the stairs without panting and feeling faint. If you are someone like this, get to the gym as fast as you can. After some days of consistency at the gym, try taking the stairs again. You will be surprised at how strengthened you have grown. When you constantly workout, all those tasks that you used to run away from will become a piece of cake.

3 Workout Plan to Help You Build Muscles

If you are thinking about including muscle building in your workout routine, you can try out the three methods below:

  • Biceps curls with barbell: Three warm-up sets of twelve reps. Two working sets of eight reps.
  • Dumbbell bench press: Three working sets of eight to ten reps. Take one or two minutes rest between sets.
  • Dumbbell flyes: Two working sets of ten to twelve reps. Take one minute rest between sets.

For maximum results, try the three at least three times in a week.

Bottom Line

Our bodies are not created to be lazy. When you don’t challenge your body, a lot of unwanted health issues will start to arise. Your frame needs to get moving. You have to tear your muscles and rebuild them again. We want you to know that taking care of your body by working out has more advantages than disadvantages. You will be doing yourself a lot of good if you start exercising your body from today.

Photo Credit: 23andMe