Tips on Overcoming Shyness

Paul bit his lips in agony. His teacher just told him he would deliver the valedictory speech on graduation day. He was the best graduating student, and that was the reward the school felt was fitting for such scholar. The problem was Paul was painfully shy. He could not talk to his classmates. He stuttered when others tried to talk to him. Sometimes, he hid behind his book when answering a question in class. How did his teacher expect to face a crowd of hundred people? He had gotten through high school by keeping his head down and making his books his best friends. He found it difficult to talk to people in his class. Paul clutched his bag tighter and headed for the library where he could safely use the internet. If he was going to accept to deliver the speech, he needed tips to help him overcome shyness as soon as possible.
Many people around us suffer from mild shyness to extreme shyness. Some people cannot stand to talk in front of ten people. Others find it tough talking to another person. Shyness does not have to limit you in any way whatsoever. Shyness is just like a headache you can use medication to cure. On that basis, here are some tips you can follow to overcome shyness:

  • Understand why you are shy: Most times, when shy people become more vocal, they realize it was probably an experience that occurred to them that led to the shyness. Could this be the cause of yours too? There are many other reasons. Some of them include low self-worth, weak self-image, and many others. Once you understand the cause of the shyness, the problem is half solved.
  • Accept that you are shy: Many psychologists say that the first step towards recovery is admitting that a problem exists in the first place. You need to accept the fact that you’re shy. When you accept this fact, it’s easier to take conscious efforts to overcome it when the situation arises.
  • Focus on your strengths: Rather than focus on your weakness, why not develop your strengths? Find a hobby or something you love doing and develop your talents in it. The most likely result from this is that you will become so passionate about the work that shyness will fizzle out of you. You might realize that instead of repulsing people, more of them are attracted.
  • Love yourself: If you are among those that suffer from shyness because of a weak self-image, this tip is for you. The truth is that people will not love you until you love yourself. Appreciate yourself and your unique qualities. Put up sticky notes reminding yourself of your worth. As time goes on, you will love yourself so much that standing in front of a crowd will make you beam with smiles.
  • Get rid of the fear of people’s opinions: Hey, guess what? Nobody is perfect. Those amazing speakers you see who gave great persona on stage are very shy as well. However, they learnt to overcome it by believing that people’s opinions are just opinions. If those people you feel are judging you were in your shoes to do the same thing, they might mess it up more. So, just do your best and focus on what makes you happy.

Bottom Line                                       
Breaking out of your shell and becoming the most confident person the world has seen will not happen overnight. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Practicing these tips will take time, dedication, and commitment. However, following them accurately will help you overcome shyness. Never will you be tongue-tied again!
Photo Credit: Simonstapleton