Tips for Overcoming Adult Bedwetting

Living can be so frustrating and inconvenient for someone who wets his bed frequently. At times, it seemed like Adam could not do anything about his urinary system as he could not boast of not wetting his bed in a month. This challenge, also known as bedwetting or enuresis, had almost driven him to the point of committing suicide. He also felt that what he was going through was responsible for the delay in his romantic life. If you are like Adam and are experiencing the same thing, here are some tips you can adopt to help you overcome this ordeal.

  • Be mindful of your fluid intake: To overcome bedwetting, you need to monitor the quantity of fluids you take. This is because the less quantity you take, the less frequently you will pass out urine. If you can do this religiously, your chances of soaking your bed with urine will be reduced.
  • Train your bladder: The bladder can be trained to hold urine for some time. This is done by drinking lots of fluid and not emptying your bladder for as long as you can. This helps to strengthen the bladder.
  • Wake up at specific times: Setting an alarm clock to wake you at specific times is another way to overcome it. This will keep you at alert and once your body system gets used to waking at intervals, the rate at which you pass urine on your bed will reduce.
  • Take medication: Some medications can be used to control how the bladder stores urine. These medications can help relax your bladder, thus making it not too active. Some examples of these medications are oxybutynin, darifenacin, and trospium chloride.
  • Avoid taking caffeine and alcohol: This is because both of them are diuretics which make the body produce more urine when consumed. If you are trying to do away with bedwetting, you should also get rid of these two from your diet.
  • Engage in Kegel exercises: There are people who find it difficult controlling urine flow. Engaging in this type of exercise regularly will help you strengthen the muscles around your bladder which will in turn control how urine flows in your body. It is done by trying to restrict the flow of urine for some seconds and then releasing it. Doing this consistently in a day will be more preferable.
  • Go for surgery: If the tips listed above do not work, you may try going for surgery to combat this challenge. The types of surgeries you can do are sacral nerve stimulation, clam cystoplasty, and detrusor myectomy.

Bottom Line

To get the best out of these tips, you must be determined to make it work. Ensure you apply these tips and be consistent while using them in other to get good results. A lot of people in time past have used these methods and have been cured of their bedwetting challenge. If you can therefore adhere to the tips above, you should start seeing improvements in no time.

Photo Credit: Thriftyfun