Tips for Having an Awesome Blind Date

You are not the only one preparing for a blind date. Several people go on blind dates daily. The blind date could be a total stranger that you met online. He or she may be someone that a friend of yours introduced to you. Whichever way it is, we are certain that the person is a total stranger to you. As a reward for your fearless effort of agreeing to meet an unfamiliar person, you deserve to have an awesome time with your new-found date.

Some blind dates can be physically or emotionally draining or both. However, a conscious effort made towards having a remarkable blind might result in a long-lasting relationship with the stranger. And to do so, here are four tips on how you can have an awesome blind date:

  • Dress comfortably: While dressing, your priority should be to be at ease in whatever you are wearing. As a lady, if you know that you are not a lover of heels, wear comfortable flats. Don’t wear a dress or blouse that you would tug at every minute. And as a guy who does not like being in suit, do not force yourself into one just to impress your date. Wear something that would boost your self-confidence.
  • Be open-minded: Judging your date or comparing him or her to your ex-partners would not unfair to your date. So, be open-minded when going for a blind date. Don’t set out for the outing with the intention of detecting the person’s flaws. This is because nobody is perfect. If you want to see imperfections that are present in your date on the first day, you would sure find it. However, if you meet with your date with a non-judgemental mind, you may just realize that he or she is attractive after all.
  • Be determined to have fun: When leaving your home for a blind date, you should have just one thing at the back of your mind – to have fun. Tell yourself that irrespective of what happens, you are going to have fun with your date. Even if your date turns out to be your worst nightmare, count it as part of the fun. The good, the bad, and the hilarious speeches should add to your definition of fun in those few hours.
  • Have an escape plan: For some people, no matter how hard they try to have an awesome blind date, it is not just possible. An escape plan is needed should in case your blind date turns out draining and abusive. So, don’t stick around with someone who has only negative things to say to you on a date. Do not also be livid in the process of trying to get away from such horrible situation. All in all, regardless of the situation, just make sure you have a plan B.

Bottom Line

The outcome of a blind date is dependent on you. The outing can turn out to one of those experiences that would make you laugh whenever you remember it. If you have had one horrible blind date in the past, don’t give up. Armed with these tips, you should give blind date another trial. We are quite sure that you would have a fun and memorable date if you follow our tips religiously.

Photo Credit: Theholidayspot