Things You Should Know About T-Cells

Today, we will educate you on everything you need to know about T-cells. We will also let you know some of the benefits of T-cells in your body system. And of course, we will educate you about other important facts about T-cells.
Meaning of T-cells
T-cells or T lymphocytes is a kind of white blood cell that is paramount to the proper functioning of the body’s immune system. They help the immune system recognize and nullify the threat posed by foreign bodies like pathogens. To put it in another way, T-cells function like armies; they search out and destroy possible threats posed by foreign bodies like germs, viruses, and Bactria.

Types of T-cells
There are three broad categories or types of T-cells with each performing a distinct function. Below are the three types of T-cells and the role they play in defending the body’s immune system:

  • Helper T-cells: This group of T- cells helps the immune system to recognize and fight foreign antigens by producing cytokines that activate other T-cells
  • Regulatory T-cells: This cell functions quite differently from the helper cells by turning off the immune response.
  • Cytotoxic or “killer” T-cells: This is the most active category of t-cell as they are responsible for attacking and destroying antigenic materials like viruses, bacteria, germs, and tumor cells.

Benefits of T-cells
The benefits of T-cells to the body are innumerable. However, we have selected a few we think would interest you. Below are the benefits of T-cells to the body you should know.

  • They boost the body’s immune response: This is probably one of the most significant benefit of the T-cells to the body. Trust us, without them; the whole world would be in chaos as organizations like the World Health Organization may be struggling to curtail cases of epidemics because of the body’s inability to fight foreign agents like bacteria, virus, and germs. T-cells ensure that your body’s immunity is high so that you do not get attacked easily by germs.
  • They help in treating cancer: Advances in science has seen bioengineered T-cells been used to treat an aggressive form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in children. In fact, studies show that 92% of 39 children who received treatment using bioengineered T-cells showed no traces of cancerous cell after just one month of therapy.
  • They have x-ray vision: This is another very significant benefit of T-cells to the human body. They have the ability to preempt and nullify the activities of foreign bodies like germs, bacteria, and viruses by scanning through the body to locate and destroy cells that have become cancerous or infected by germs.
  • They have receptors: T- cells have receptors that help them identify foreign bodies that are present in the system. When such foreign bodies are identified, T-cells do not act alone but notify other cells to fight the threat posed by such foreign body.

Bottom line
The benefits of T-cells to the body cannot be overemphasized. This important cell is the body’s last line of defense against marauding foreign bodies like pathogens that may be trying to weaken the body’s immune system.
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