The Challenges of Most Communities You Should Know About

community-1You might be on this page because you care about your community. You might also be here because of curiosity. Before we educate you entirely on this topic, there are some fundamental things you should know.

First of all, you need to know what a community is. A community is a large group of people that live in the same geographical area. Most of the people that live in your community come from different countries. Keeping a group of individuals together in a place without conflict is not an easy task. The mere fact everybody in your town has different aspirations is a challenge. It is possible that you may not know all of the problems facing your community. But as a good citizen, it is important for you to understand the challenges your community is facing and might face in the future. Doing so will help you contribute your quota to solving problems that may arise.

By understanding some of your community’s challenges, you will be able to participate in determining the future. You will be a voice in the community. The effect of the crisis facing your community relies heavily on the perception you have of it. Challenges are stepping stones to a better society. If you see challenges in a positive light and you address it, your society will be better. Many great nations today were born out of negative circumstances. What made the difference was the decision the leaders took. They had to work hand in hand with the people to be a better community. Here are some challenges of most communities you should know:

Cultural Diversity: A community often comprises a variety of individuals from different parts of the world. Your society could be so culturally rich that it may boast of people from the seven continents in the world. Owing to their cultural backgrounds, these persons often have different approaches to life. Dealing with your neighbors can become quite challenging. They can decide to adopt their own worldview and ignore the opinions of others. This lack of tolerance can often result in conflicts within the community and create strained relationships.

Religious Conflicts: People often hold strong religious faith that influences their actions within their communities. There are some religions you don’t even know until you meet people practicing it. Several clashes still happen today because of religion differences. The primary underlying cause of these conflicts is intolerance. These quarrels pose a great challenge to most communities. You must be sensitive not to offend the beliefs that others hold dear. While it can be awkward to accept something which you do not believe in, you have to respect the conviction of your fellow people.

Not Exercising Voting Rights: Politics is an important aspect of a community. It plays a great role in determining the development of that society. When it comes to choosing the right leader, every member of a society should cast their vote. Communists are the best judge of what is important to them, ultimately; the responsibility rests on them to select the right leaders that will address their concerns and shape society in the way that they envision. Unfortunately, most people decline to vote due to reasons such as a lack of time. In the long run, wrong leaders may be elected, and the repercussion of such poor leadership outweighs the excuses people had.

Poor Leadership: Community leaders are the face of the community. We rely on them to champion our cause and set the tone of the community’s activities. Several communities are confronted with the challenge of poor leadership which in most cases occurs because they didn’t exercise their voting rights. You should know that in a community where the management is not focused on the needs of the people, there will be little or no development. This lack of development will eventually lead to the loss of persons. You might witness people moving to a better and stabilized society.

Scarcity of Resources: Communities leaders often embark on projects to improve the quality of life for the people in the society. Some of the projects can be refurbishing ageing buildings, launching community centers, and providing shelter for the homeless. Such projects often require a massive amount of money and large volume of resources. A lot of these communities do not generate sufficient revenue. The society sometimes contains individuals that lack the capacity and willingness to give generously towards planned projects. Despite good projects plans by community heads, a lack of resources often prevents them from achieving their goals.

Increased Rate of Unemployment: When a community has no substantial revenue source, they will eventually have to face a high rate of unemployment. In cases when there are no means of funding new businesses in the society, the economy of that nation will fail. Think about it. New businesses give rise to more job opportunities. If people cannot find gainful employment, unemployed individuals might turn to terrible vices like stealing or armed robbery. These people are just looking for a way to survive.

Violence and Insecurity: You would have noticed that violence has been on the rise globally. It can be attributed to several factors like lack of employment and wrong information that is passed through the media and youthful exuberance. Every community leader is looking for ways to prevent these violent actions from happening to their people.  Insecurities accompany violence. You might end up living in fear because you have no idea of what will happen to you in the blink of an eye. People must work hard to support all efforts to promote safety in their environment.

Bottom Line

Every community faces its unique challenges owing to the diversity of people. To enjoy a crisis-free community, everyone has a role to play. Leaders must take the lead by setting the right examples. They can also organize programs that will help people socialize and develop a bond with others. Your community might be facing some of these problems at the moment. But by taking the right steps, a transformation is imminent.

Photo Credit: Bustle