Relevant Tips about Relationship

m4Everywhere you look these days, you see people in a relationship. I walked down the street this morning, and I counted about seven couples holding hands. They were sweet talking and laughing. Some were even kissing. I sighed with envy because I want what they have. But the most important question on my mind was, how are they doing it? What is their secret? I started doing my research and came up with a lot. Sit back and enjoy this write-up.  First, here are some relevant tips about relationships:

  • Be Your Partner’s Friend: In the US today, statistics show that a lot of marriages end up in a divorce. I’m sure you know at least one or two divorced persons. An excellent way to have a good relationship is for you and your partner to be friends. Most people skip the friendship part and move straight to the romance phase. But, the sequence is stranger-acquaintance-friends-lovers-spouse. You should not skip one for the other.
  • Don’t Let Your Friends Go: While in a relationship, you are an independent being. As much as you love your partner, don’t ditch your friends. Your friends were there for you before you got into a relationship. Don’t rely too heavily on your other half. You might end up choking him or.
  • Communication is Key: The bedrock of any relationship is communication. If both parties don’t talk, there can be misunderstanding, anger, and even a total breakdown of the relationship. Always communicate with your partner.

Now that you know some tips on relationships, you probably want to get out into the dating world. How are you going to talk to people you meet? They are total strangers after all.
How to Start a Conversation with a Total Stranger
It can be so nerve racking to have to walk up to someone and strike a conversation with them. Where do you even start? What will you say? Here are some great tips to follow in that regard:

  • Make Eye Contact: The person you want to talk to might be just as shy as you are. Make eye contact and offer a warm smile. That way, they don’t seem taken off guard when you say hi. The chances of him or her snubbing you has drastically reduced.
  • Say Something: The first thing that comes out of your mouth will either leave a good impression or a terrible Impression. If you tell great jokes, you can start with that. Otherwise, just stick with “Hi! My name is Jim. How are you today?” You’ve played it safe because you will not leave a bad impression.
  • Mention How You Noticed Them: If you’re trying to talk to a woman, she might want to know how you saw her. All she’s doing is trying to determine if you are a stalker or not.
  • Ask Questions: The conversation can get awkward quickly if you don’t know how to keep it going. Ask questions from the person you just met. Keep it simple, though. If someone I just met started asking personal questions, I would stare them down and say that is inappropriate. Trust me, a lot of people feel like this too. Keep it casual.
  • Listen: Be attentive to their answers. From there, you can generate a new set of questions to ask. You might even realize you have something in common.

That stranger you struck up a conversation with might end up being your partner someday. If so, you need to know how to have a long lasting relationship.
5 Tips on Having a Long-Lasting Relationship
Personally, I wonder how some people manage to stay together for years. It is not easy being with someone for a long time. Let me share their secret with you:

  • Trust Your Partner: I talked to a couple that had been together for 20 years about what “trust” means. They told me that without trust, you cannot have a healthy relationship. You need to get to a point where you believe your partner will not hurt you and they are reliable.
  • Be Honest to Partner: When you are honest with your other half, you make it easier for him to trust you. Don’t lie about facts they ask you. They probably know the truth already.
  • Communicate with Your Partner: You must find a way to communicate with your partner openly. You should get to the point that he or she is the first person you call when something happens to you. Communication has to be regular.
  • Compromise with Your Partner: There will be battles between the both of you. However, a secret to a long lasting relationship is that both of you are willing to reach a meeting point about your needs. That meeting point should satisfy both of you.
  • Understand/Know Your Partner: You have to understand your partner. Even if he or she is going through a rough patch, be their support system. Don’t nag and whine about everything.

5 Things You Should Never Do in a Healthy Relationship
What you are about to read is top secret! If you are in a healthy loving relationship, you should never:

  • Compare Yourself: Your partner is not the best person in the world. But hey, neither are you. Comparing him to others will pass across a message that you are not satisfied and you could do better.
  • Hate Yourself: Hating yourself means you have no confidence. If you rely on your partner to validate you, you are on the brink of an unhealthy relationship.
  • Let Your Values Go: Your values define you. Someone that is so quick to throw their beliefs out of the windows is questionable. If you have no values, who are you?
  • Be Clingy: I hate feeling choked when in a relationship! Clinging to your other half can make them feel suffocated. It’s not healthy for you. It is unhealthy for them too.
  • Cheat Your Partner: This is quite obvious, huh? If you cheat, you might end up losing the trust of your second half. You cross from a healthy relationship to an unhealthy one.

Bottom Line
You too can have a healthy relationship. An amazing relationship is not something peculiar to exceptional people. You just have to be prepared to work for it. Follow these tips and I guarantee you that your relationship will become successful.
Photo Credit: Huffpost