Reasons Why We Need to Sleep Always in the Afternoon

It is in the human nature to feel sleepy during the day. It is mostly experienced while taking a boring lecture or undertaking a task for long hours. While we tend to see it as a distraction from our daily activities, it has some benefits. Admittedly, it interrupts our daily activities, making us lose concentration. However, here are some reasons why we think you should always sleep in the afternoon.

  • Helps to stay more alert: Are you going for a long drive? Or trying to get through a difficult task? Then taking a nap is just a great way to help you stay alerted. It also helps to clear your head if its feels foggy. According to a study carried out by NASA, pilots that sleep in the afternoon stays more alert. It was discovered that just ten minutes nap is required to help you stay alerted.
  • Helps refresh your memory: A study on memory was carried out by some German researchers. It was discovered that people who take a long nap have a higher chance of remembering information. During the study, participants were given specific words and pairs to remember. After some time, half of the participants napped while the other half watched TV. The two groups were asked to recall the pairs of words. The result shows that the nap group did about five times better than the TV group.
  • Helps improve your creativity: A study was carried out on humans in the University of California, San Diego. The study was based on people took more REM naps (when you dream during the nap) and people who don’t. The results showed that those who took REM naps were more creative in solving problems than those who didn’t. Therefore if you have not been too creative, then start taking more naps.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of heart disease: According to a report published in the year 2007, you are less likely to die of heart disease when you take a nap regularly. In the report, it was revealed that there is a 37% reduction in the chance of you dying from a heart disease. It was also reported that the rate reduced further by 64% in workers. Therefore, take enough midday siestas to help against heart disease.
  • Helps increase your patience: Taking a nap helps when you are feeling frustrated. A study was carried out at the University of Michigan on handling frustration. The participants were given a particularly frustrating task to complete. Some of the participants took an hour nap before the task. Others watched a documentary in place of napping. The results show that those that took a nap completed the exercise by giving up in 90 seconds. It was also discovered that those that watched documentary gave up only after 48 seconds.

Taking your nap and incorporating it into your daily routine might not be a bad idea. It has a lot of benefit ranging from keeping you alert to keeping you safe from heart diseases. However, just like every other thing, try not to overdo it. Taking an hour nap daily will be just perfect.
Photo Credit: Healthtoday