Quick Tips on Getting the Best Out of College

e-1A wonderful time at college isn’t always determined by the grades we come out with. You might excel and come out with flying colors but end up lacking the “real” college experience. As it is usually said, don’t just pass through the school, let the school pass through you. There is another saying that encourages you to make the most of today as you have no idea of what tomorrow will bring your way. In order to make the best out of your years in college, there are a few tips you might need to apply.

Many students pass through college without getting anything other than their certificates. They do not participate in any extracurricular activity because they are of the notion that combining academics with other things will be a distraction. It is therefore no surprise that such people after college cannot be able to share any memorable experience, not because there were none but because they were too caught up in their studies and did not realize what else was going on around them. While you are at college to learn, you should endeavor to balance your course load with other activities as well in order to round out the college experiences you have.

Having the right mindset, together with your passion, can go a long way in making your stay in college interesting. Some students have a lot of things they want to do, including sightseeing, tourism, learning new skills, trying out new ideas and starting something new on their own. Unfortunately, they only find out when it’s late that they have been too engrossed in studying, thereby not leaving any spare time for themselves. Here are a few tips on how to get the best out of college:

  • Plan ahead: Before getting into college, you must have made a mental list of things that caught your interest apart from academics. A lot of people go to college with lots of plans, recipes to try out, places to go, parties to attend and a few other things. It is therefore necessary that you plan ahead of time on how you can balance these other activities without any interference with your school work. This will enable you achieve a lot without having to put some activities off for a later time. Planning helps you to place things in their order of priority and with that, you won’t have to worry about assignments left undone.
  • Mingle with peers: Associating with the right persons in college is very important. One thing you must know as an individual is that it is not all that goes on in school you are aware of. There are lots of opportunities that could pass you by because you don’t have the right set of people to mingle with. Mingle with people with the latest information on what goes on around you. No man is an island on his own; you need people around you to stay informed with the latest trends in school.
  • Be informed and stay up-to-date: As a student, you have to keep yourself abreast of all that happens within your school environment. As stated in the above point, the association you keep can help you with to know what is happening around you. You personally owe yourself the responsibility of getting updated either by reading notice boards, surfing the school’s website, following trending news and styles, etc.
  • Participate in activities: There are lots of activities around college. It is just left for you to find the exact one you fit into and don’t hesitate to participate diligently in the one you choose. You never can tell which one would bring you into spotlight.
  • Stay focused: In some situations, students get so interested in the activities they are involved in that they forget their main reason for being in college. As earlier said, you should be able to balance everything you do in such a way that one activity would not affect the other. It won’t be too good to be popular in activities while your academic performance bears the brunt of it. So, try to strike a balance in everything you do.
  • Build strong relationships/network: As a student, you are not limited to mingling with your fellow students only. You can move the chain up by getting to know your lecturers as well. There are ways you can get them to notice you and with that you develop a good rapport with them. You never can tell, they could be of help to you in future. There are students who have graduated and have gotten certain positions just by a referral from one of their professors.
  • Utilize campus’ facilities: A large number of students don’t even use a bit of what they pay for in college. Campuses have different facilities ranging from the library to the gyms, pool, sports complex, and lots more. Get yourself acquainted with these facilities and use them at your convenient periods. Ensure you find out what the school has for you. Endeavor to utilize benefits such as free healthcare, books, internet access, and lots more. You paid your tuition, so there is no harm enjoying the benefits that comes with it.
  • Attend conferences: Majority of colleges host different conferences which gives their student privileges to participate. You can keep your ear to the ground to know what is needed. These conferences might be of immense benefits to you as they may help improve your knowledge and increase your networks as well.
  • Manage your spending: Despite the fact that you want to be everywhere and do a lot of things, you should also be able to plan your spending in order to avoid going way over your credit card allowance. You won’t want to be tagged names that don’t sound good to your personality.


There would come a time when you would sit back and want to reminisce every moment spent in college. Without making the most of your opportunities now, you may not get the chance again. Your stay in college gives you the opportunity to explore and have an experience of a lifetime. Do not forget to be friendly, because it’s only when you are friendly that you can attract friends. If possible, get a handy camera and capture every memorable moment.

Photo Credit: Collegecandy