Pros and Cons of Dating a Childhood Friend

Meeting and dating a total stranger is not an easy decision to make. And neither is dating your best friend that you have known for years. But some people would rather date a childhood friend because they think it would have a happier ending. However, the truth is that dating a childhood friend is not as easy as it seems. Like every other relationship, it has its pros and cons. So, before you decide on whether you should accept your childhood friend as your partner, read the pros and cons below.
Pros of dating a childhood friend
Dating a childhood friend has several advantages. And some of them are as follows:

  • Familiarity: A fun part of dating your childhood friend is the fact that you are already at ease with each other. So you would not have to go through the initial stage of getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes. The transition from being platonic friends to becoming romantically involved will be smoother and easier. And in few days, you would have settled into the relationship nicely without feeling awkward about the kissing and the petting inclusion.
  • Mutual Understanding: One of the reasons why you were childhood friends is that you understood each other. Since understanding each other is an important aspect of dating, you are one step ahead of relationship challenges already. Treating each other with kindness and thoughtfulness will be as natural as the air you breathe because you had been doing it for several years.
  • Acceptance: Introducing your new relationship to your family and friends would be easy. You won’t have doubt about whether your partner would fit into your circle or not because the individual was already a part of your clique.

Cons of dating a childhood friend
Several people only think about the advantages of dating their childhood friends. But they forget that there would be some disadvantages to it. Before you make your decision, read below some of the cons of turning your childhood pal into your lover.

  • High risk of losing your friendship: Agreeing to date your childhood friend is very tricky because the relationship can end either positively or negatively. And the truth is that once the relationship ends, you can never go back to being the friends you used to be. Since there is no guarantee that your relationship will lead to marriage, you are at risk of losing your close friend. Of course, you can still maintain some level of friendship, but the deep connection you once had with that person is gone forever.
  • High possibility of losing mutual friends: The fact that you have been best of friends for several years means that you would have mutual friends. And as soon as your mutual friends know that you are now an item, they begin to see you two differently. So if a break up happens, your mutual friends will start to feel awkward in your presence. And even you would not feel comfortable around them anymore. And before you realize what is happening, you would have withdrawn from your mutual friends and vice versa.

The pros and cons of dating a childhood friend should not stop you from venturing into the relationship. What matters the most is how much you love the person and your willingness to stay strong when challenges arise.
Photo Credit: Expertbeacon