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A limited Collector’s Edition Box Set featuring new live orchestra recordings of music from Turrican 1, 2 & 3 + a new Bonus Amiga Albu

Turrican – Orchestral Selections + New Amiga Album

by Lanre4uonly

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Campaign Story

After the smash success of last year’s Turrican II – The Orchestral Album, we’re proud to announce the final chapter in our quest to bring the music of Turrican to live orchestra!

Turrican – Orchestral Selections will feature brand new arrangements of music from Turrican 1, 2 and 3 as well as an exciting bonus album!

Mockups for the CD and Double Vinyl
Mockups for the CD and Double Vinyl


Turrican – Orchestral Selections will feature nearly an hour of completely new, never before heard, orchestral arrangements of some of the most popular pieces of music from Turrican 1, 2 & 3.

As part of the Turrican – Orchestral Selections Kickstarter, I will also produce a brand new soundtrack of music, a homage to the early 90s. Created with my classic sound tool TFMX and recorded on original Amiga hardware, this virtual Turrican 4 soundtrack will be my ultimate Thank you to my fans and a fitting tribute to a Turrican game that could have been! Here’s an example:



A virtual Turrican 4 OST, recorded on original Amiga hardware
A virtual Turrican 4 OST, recorded on original Amiga hardware

Tracks planned for the orchestral album include Mountain Madness (Turrican 1), Metal Stars (Turrican 2) and Factory Action (Turrican 3). We will be revealing more pieces as the project progresses. Depending on the campaign’s success, all backers will get to hear the new album in all its orchestral beauty from December this year.

Limited Collector's Box (mockup)
Limited Collector’s Box (mockup)

For the live orchestra recordings, we’re teaming up with the acclaimed Norrköping Symphony Orchestra in Sweden again, which did a fantastic job bringing Turrican II – The Orchestral Album to life. We are incredibly happy that they made a slot in their busy schedule to work together with us. Here’s an example of our previous project:


Recordings featuring the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
Recordings featuring the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra


Once again, we want to create a truly high-quality Collector’s Edition of Turrican – Orchestral Selections that will include not just the CD, but also feature a double Vinyl of the album and exclusive new artwork on the packaging. These will be produced to the highest standards possible and will be strictly limited to 1,000 individually numbered copies only! We will not be producing anymore Collector’s Editions.

We have professional shipping plans in place to make sure that all physical rewards are delivered in a timely fashion when they are ready.

The perfect addition to your collection (mockups)
The perfect addition to your collection (mockups)

For fans who cannot get their hands on one of the limited Collector’s Editions any more, we are offering both physical CD and digital download tiers as well. As a first, Turrican – Orchestral Selections will offer premium digital tiers, purely designed for those who are not interested in any physical rewards, but want to support the campaign significantly nevertheless.

The new Turrican Orchestra CD (mockup)
The new Turrican Orchestra CD (mockup)

From our previous campaigns we learned that there are many musicians who follow my work and are interested in the scores. Backers for the campaign are once again offered the chance to get up to four full orchestral scores as PDF downloads for study purposes – even including the separate orchestral parts. In this respect, we also made it possible to join a live video stream of the orchestral recording sessions for all backers for the Collector’s Edition Box.

Orchestral Turrican on Double Vinyl (mockup)
Orchestral Turrican on Double Vinyl (mockup)


Same as for Turrican II – The Orchestral Album, higher tiers for our new campaign will come with high quality limited edition fine art prints (31,5 x 31,5 cm each) of the artworks, signed prints of pages from the score, acknowledgement in the booklet’s credits, Associate Producer credits and more. We also have a one-off “super-backer” tier which includes your rare chance to attend one of the recording sessions. Last but not least, backers will have a say on the creation of the new TFMX Album: You can vote on a new world idea for the music.


Fine art prints (mockup)
Fine art prints (mockup)


Recording orchestral arrangements of video game soundtracks is always a complex and costly process, which is why we need to raise $85,000 to make this project a reality. Also, producing a brand new, full soundtrack of music for a virtual Turrican 4, recorded on original Amiga hardware will take several months of work.

In addition, we need to pay for the artwork, layout, new musical arrangements, post-production and mastering costs, CD, vinyl and backer reward manufacture and associated Kickstarter fees and taxes.

Recording sessions in Sweden
Recording sessions in Sweden


Stretch Goal 1: $110,000

If the project reaches 110k, we will upgrade the $55+ reward tiers with a physical CD of the Amiga TFMX Album.

Stretch Goal 2: $140,000

At 140k we will be able to upgrade the Vinyl Rewards including the Box Set to also feature the Amiga TFMX Album on Vinyl.


Art Print (mockup)
Art Print (mockup)


We will be shipping from Germany, so if you order from another country, you may be responsible for possible import duty or taxes for receiving the package of the Album and other goodies. For more information on shipping, please also check the Q&A of this campaign. All the artworks shown as part of the Turrican – Orchestral Selections Kickstarter campaign are in-progress mockups created by the artists. They do not represent finished work and may still change significantly before completion of the project.

Trademark notice: Turrican is a trademark of Factor 5 – Eggebrecht, Engel, Schmidt GbR (“Factor 5”), used with friendly permission. Thanks to Julian Eggebrecht, Thomas Engel and Holger Schmidt for their support! All other trademarks and product names/titles appearing on the page are the property of their respective owners.


What’s going to happen to my money if the funding campaign does not reach its goal? Your credit card would only be charged after a successful funding campaign, so nothing will be paid if we don’t reach our goal!

How are you going to orchestrate the original music? Will I still recognize my favorite melodies? Our goal is to faithfully translate the original music to live orchestral pieces. If you listened to Symphonic Shades (my concert tribute) or the Turrican II – The Orchestral Album, you know what quality to expect.

How are you going to handle the shipping? To avoid any damage to your products, we are working with a professional shipping service based in Berlin, Germany. They will handle the shipping with care, and ensure it arrives safely to your home. We believe that the shipping for Turrican II – The Orchestral Album went flawlessly, so this is what to expect from our latest Kickstarter as well.

Are shipping costs included in the prices? Shipping costs are not included yet, as they greatly depend on the backer’s delivery address. Kickstarter calculates these during the pledging process. Shipping will be from Germany, and costs start from $6 for the CD album, and $13 for the Collector’s Box.

I can’t afford to pledge for the Collector’s Box Edition. Can I still buy the music later? We will be looking to do a commercial, digital release some time after all the backers of this campaign have received the music in advance. Keep in mind, though, that the project cannot be made at all if we don’t reach our funding goal here at Kickstarter. So if you can’t afford the Collector’s Box Edition you might want to consider pledging $30 for the CD album or $15 for the download option. That way the campaign has a much better chance of success and you’ll be able to hear the music much sooner.

Can’t I just buy the Collector’s Box Edition after it’s released? The whole project can only happen if we meet our funding goal and raise the budget necessary to cover the costs. We will be creating 1,000 – and only 1,000 – individually numbered, highly desirable Collector’s Box Editions, and these will be distributed to fans who pledged at least $80.

Are you confident you will make the delivery dates? While we can’t legislate for every unforeseen circumstance, we can promise that all our team members have reserved their time for Turrican – Orchestral Selections exclusively, and will focus solely on working on this particular project. The orchestra sessions are confirmed and booked too, so we are ready to go and deliver on time. With Turrican II – The Orchestral Album we proved we were capable of delivering on time and budget – in fact, we delivered months prior to the estimated dates!

Can I buy more than one Collector’s Edition? Currently we are not offering multiple Collector’s Edition per pledge. With only 1,000 copies in production we want to make sure everybody who wants one has a fair chance of getting their own copy.

Will you reveal more tracks? Definitely. All the tracks we have planned for the album will be revealed during the Kickstarter project. By the time the campaign comes to an end, you will know the full track list for Turrican – Orchestral Selections.


Risks and challenges

My team and I have gained a tremendous amount of experience during my three previous successful Kickstarter campaigns (Turrican Soundtrack Anthology, The Piano Collection and Turrican II – The Orchestral Album) we are primed and ready to deliver on all our rewards if we are reaching our funding goal.

Arranging this volume of music for live orchestra is a very time-intensive process, however we have a very experienced, award-winning team and are confident everything will be ready for recording this Autumn and subsequent December 2017 digital release, perfectly in time for the holiday season! Due to the extensive manufacturing process and time of production for vinyl records especially, we currently estimate all CD albums and Collector’s Edition Box Sets will be ready to ship April 2018 latest or maybe earlier.


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