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Exclusive to Kickstarter, my books are thoughtfully written and illustrated. My children’s books are inspired by my experiences growing up with poor eye vision, dreaming of becoming a wedding planner, teaching Pre-K, and singing about a moose.

Angel Halo Chang’s Official Book Collection

by Emotionless100

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Campaign Story

The reading level is suitable for children between 6-9 years old, but truly I write to entertain friends young and old.


My 1st book, Siris the Rhino, is about a green rhino who needs help seeing clearly. Siris (rhymes with “iris”) meets a friendly kiwi bird who gladly helps Siris and the rest of his family see better. (Fact: Rhinos and kiwi birds can’t see very well in real life.) It’s a delightful story that appreciates eye care professionals and befriends anyone who needs a glasses-wearing friend.




My 2nd book, Wedding Planning Galore, tells the silly story of a bride’s plan for an elaborate wedding until the groom thinks otherwise. Having planned my own wedding and formerly obsessed to become a wedding planner, I’m fully aware how indulgent weddings can be. I wrote this book to share that while it’s great to celebrate love, don’t forget that it’s the marriage and not the wedding that counts. Great to share with young readers and newlywed couples to-be!





My 3rd book, Today’s Lesson, imagines life as a Pre-K teacher to…Ronald K. Crump. It’s inspired by my Pre-K teaching experience, and I recount the popular misbehaviors of our Commander in Chief to that of a child. I highlight why it’s important to teach respect at an early age, so “Today’s Lesson” should really be an everyday lesson. Great for families with young children (and anti-Trump friends)!




My last book, The Moose, The Moose, is inspired by my beloved summer camp song, “Da Moose Da Moose.” It’s about a moose who enjoys the outdoors but doesn’t pay attention to potential dangers of the wilderness. It’s both silly and teaches us to always be aware. Great for nature lovers, moose enthusiasts, and camp counselors!




    In the words of Beyonce, “Baby, I can see your halo. You know you’re my saving grace.”

[Update 6/8: Please note Supreme Halo description in the rewards doesn’t match the 16 number of books included. Apologies for the inconvenience!]

Pledges for Small Halo and above get a .pdf of coloring pages from the cover of my books!

Pledges for Cute Halo and above get 1 or more cool 10-in-1 bookmarks! Use it also as a 6-inch ruler! How about a neck scratcher? Use it as a pretend wand or eye shields to protect from the sun! Tap with this bookmark and now you’ve got an instrument! Use it to divide between papers or other books. Try it as a shoe horn! Consider it as a nice wrist accessory or a disposable spatula for cooking! ?

Pledges for Special Halo and up get 4 or more books and sticker sheets from my books!

Pledges for Golden Halo get a formal Thank You inclusion that will be printed in every book on the About Author page!

Pledges for Supreme Halo get a formal Thank You inclusion and a chance to meet me (limited to California) or a sponsor logo in every book! (Please note Supreme Halo description in the rewards doesn’t match the 16 number of books included. Apologies for the inconvenience!)

All books ordered will also be personally signed with a thank you note from me!

Continuing to support my passion for education, I’m also prepared to donate a $1 per book ordered to, one of my favorite education charities.


Whether you choose Happy Halo for 1 book or Supreme Halo for 16 books, please note that book options will be surveyed after the campaign ends.

Don’t want the books to yourself?

After the campaign has reached its goal, I’m happy to follow up with book donations and host a back-to-school book drive. Donated books can include a note “This book is a gift from (your name).” to local education schools/organizations.

On December 2016, I was looking for a new side project and came across #The100DayProject, a commitment to practicing creativity for 100 days. I decided to create children’s books, because it combined my interest in illustration and my background teaching young children. 120 days later, I completed my 1st official collection with four books.

As a child, I preferred playing with a large cardboard box than any dolls. I collected cartoon lunch tins to use as purses. I brought jump rope to play double dutch during the last month before high school graduation.

I’m a self-published children’s book author-illustrator and continue to embrace my childlike wonder. I am 1st generation Chinese-American and graduated from UC San Diego with a B.A. in Communication. I come from a family of educators and was a former Pre-K/Head Start teacher. My husband and I live in the Bay Area. Follow me on Instagram/Twitter @angelhalochang.

I started my process using pen and paper. I then scanned my drawings to the computer where I used Adobe Photoshop to add color with my Wacom tablet. I used Adobe InDesign to help with the layouts.


Help share my project with family and friends!












Special thank you to my parents who raised me to be strong and helped foster my talents. To my husband, Clive, for supporting my dreams. To my friends and family who believed in me when I first started this journey. To im-avoiding-growing-up (aka Jordan Streeter) helping me with my Kickstarter video. And to you for visiting and the support! <3

Risks and challenges

The books are written and illustrated. I would need to update my thank you’s and acknowledgment before the final print order with Managing the operations after the Kickstarter would be a new and interesting challenge for me, but I’m confident that I’ll be up for the task. I hope to deliver on the promise that I can ship these books by the new 2017 back-to-school season.


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