Pragmatic Ways to Help Widows and Orphans

Helping widows and orphans seem to be gaining more attention in our society. However, a lot of people assist them by giving technical pieces of advice on how they can survive their condition. What you don’t know is that most of them already know the about the advice you are giving them. And what they actually need is practical assistance from you. They want people that would help to shoulder some of their responsibilities. So, if you are still thinking of how to support widows and orphans just the way they would appreciate more, we are offering you more realistic ways through which you can do such. And they are as follows:

  • Provide groceries and food: Thinking about what to eat on a daily basis is one of the greatest challenges of orphans and likewise, some widows. So, taking meals for orphans and widows would help them a great deal. You can include their monthly shopping list in yours. And buy as many groceries on their list that you can afford. On the other hand, you can include their daily meals with yours and deliver them cooked food every day.
  • Shelter them: Sometimes, widows and orphans don’t have a house to live in because they cannot keep up with the rent. You can help them by allowing them to stay in your house for as long as they need to. Make them feel comfortable in your home as you find ways to make them have a personal source of income. As for the younger orphans, take them into your home permanently and shoulder their responsibilities till they are of age. On the hand, you can start paying their rent so as to keep them in the home they already love. When you do that, they would not have to face the pain of being evicted at all.
  • Fix things that are broken: There are some chores in the homes of widows and orphans that would be left unattended due to the demise of their love ones. So, helping them by taking up those seemingly enormous tasks is another practical way of aiding them. You can fix broken pipes in their homes, mend a leaking roof, or change their car tires amongst other roles. Don’t wait till they ask you for assistance. Just look around and fix whatever needs amendment.
  • Spend quality time with them: Boredom and loneliness are other challenges that widows and orphans face. You can step in by spending quality time with them. Visit the widows and orphans at homes as often as possible. Additionally, you can organize picnics for them and make the outing fun. Also, taking them to the cinema or for funfairs is not a bad idea. What matters the most is that you are with them all through the fun so that they can feel less alone.
  • Sponsor their education: Young orphans would need to continue schooling. And they would need financial assistance regardless of their academic level. You can assist them by offering to sponsor their education. If you cannot take up the responsibility alone, speak with other friends and loved ones. Such that everyone would contribute money towards the orphan’s schooling.

Bottom Line
Helping widows and orphans should be a role that every adult would take up with joy. And offering to assist without waiting till they ask would matter a lot to them. Also, widows and orphans are vulnerable to attack by abusers but seeing you around them would make predators to back off.
Photo Credit: Hnlc