Potential Benefits and Risks of Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research is perhaps the greatest discovery of the twenty-first century. Have you wondered what stem cells are? Sit back for just a few seconds while we educate you. Stem cells are essential to organisms. They are cells which are non-specialized, but they have the ability to create other types of specific cells. Such cells include blood cell, brain cell, muscle cell, tissue cell, and much more. They also have the potential to repair damaged tissue or cells. As a result of these various functions, medical practitioners advocate stem cell operation for a lot of diseases. The reason we know so much about stem cell is as a result of the research that is carried out on it. Nevertheless, it has some advantages and disadvantages.
Benefits of Stem Cell Research
Stem cell research has many advantages which research has proven over the years and which many people have witnessed. Here are some major ones:

  • Reverses Parkinson’s Disease: This is a disease that affects children and young adults majorly. It is one that affects the brain cells in such a way that it becomes destroyed. With stem cell research, new ways have been found to reverse the destruction by replacing the cells with healthy ones that function perfectly.
  • Cures congenital disabilities: Many babies these days are born with disabilities. These disabilities have limited the lives of many people who had them before the discovery of stem cell research. However, stem cell research discovered that it is possible to introduce normal healthy cells that do not have defects even before the child is born.
  • Heals burns in Burn victims: When a fire happens, and a person gets burned, they experience frustration at the slow rate of recovery. The skin refuses to heal up causing more scars than necessary. Now, stem research has proven that it is possible for doctors to grown a minuscule piece of skin which can cover a burn that is larger than the original size of the skin. Thus, burn victims have a hope of fresh skin thanks to this discovery.

Risks of Stem Cell Research
With regards to stem cell research, doctors and scientists have found that all that glitters is not gold. Of course, the treatment has many pros which far outweigh the cons. However, that is not to say it is devoid of disadvantages. To be well rounded as it relates to stem research, it is pertinent you know the disadvantages as well. Below are some:

  • Side effects are still unknown: Medications have side effects. Taking too much sugar has side effects. Hardly is there anything in the world without side effects. Despite this, we are yet to know the side effects of this incredible discovery. Thus, proceed with caution if you’re considering it.
  • The results are highly uncertain: The way Mr. A will react to an injection is different to how Mr. B will respond to the same substance. It is the same with stem cell research. Yes, there have been high success rates, but the truth is there are some people who don’t give the expected results.

In recent times, stem cell research is the best discovery which has helped many people have hopes of living a better and more fulfilled life. However, this is not to say it is not laced with some risks as we have discussed above. The choice, as we always say, is entirely yours to make.
Photo Credit: Strangenotions