Parenting Tips for Single Moms

f9Linda looked around her clean kitchen absentmindedly. She just finished preparing a delicious meal for herself and her 12-year-old son, but the meal was far from Linda’s mind. Linda was worried about her son, Smith. As a single mom, she is always concerned about her parenting skills. Linda is a strong independent woman, but when it comes to parenting, Linda does not believe in herself. She keeps thinking that she’s not doing it right. Lost in thought and speaking out her fears, Linda didn’t know that Smith was right behind her. Smith heard everything she was saying all the while she was thinking out loud. Well-mannered Smith gave his mom a big hug from behind and said, “Mom, stop worrying. You are doing a great job with me, and I am proud of you”. As you would have guessed, Linda could not hold back the tears.

A lot of single moms out there are like Linda. They constantly worry about their parenting skills. If you think you are not raising your child the right way, we are teaching you some parenting tips below:

  • Select a model family: Your kids need to know that they are not the only ones with a single parent. Choose a model family for them. A family where the children are now adults and doing well despite being raised by a single mom. You know what this will do for your child? It will build his or her confidence in your parenting abilities.
  • Have confidence in your parenting skills: You have to go easy on yourself. Stop worrying whether you are training your kid’s the right way or not. Keep doing it the best way you can. Have confidence in yourself.
  • Stay involved in your child’s life: Unlike other kids in your environment with a Dad and Mum, your child has only you. Mum, don’t go solo on your little one. Stay involved in their lives. Don’t be too busy to know what is going on in their world. Be involved in their academics and social life. It’s okay for them to want or miss Dad occasionally. If you are not involved in their life, they will begin to want a Dad a little more than you can bear.
  • Always be honest: Dear single Mom, don’t ever lie to your child. You are the closest model your kid has. He or she is learning almost everything from you. If you lie, and your little one discovers, you will lose the trust he or she had for you. Eventually, your child will also start practicing dishonesty. Please, stick with the truth always.
  • Respect your kid: Every child deserves a bit of respect. Children trained by a single mom need to be respected and given due recognition at home. Let their suggestions count. The respect boosts their confidence when they are with their peers.
  • Be caring and loving: What’s your dream about your children? Do you want your girl to turn out to be a Queen and your boy a King? Do you want your kids to rule their world? If Yes, you need to train them right. Be firm with them. Cut out the pity-party. Discipline the children when necessary. You should learn how to strike a balance between firmness and love.
  • Accept your responsibility willingly: Your kids are yours. The earlier you take your parental responsibilities serious, the better. If your child should start to think that he or she is an intruder in your life, you may lose that child to harmful influences.
  • Seek and accept help: You should not have to train your kids alone. Ask for help when you need to, and receive help when it is available.

How To Be A Self Independent Woman

As a woman, you have a lot of strength in you. You just need to realize how much power you have and harness it the right way. You don’t have to be a liability to anybody. You can discover your potentials and be a self-independent woman if you do the things we recommend below:

  • Love yourself: To be a self-independent lady, you have to learn to love yourself. Women have the tendency to show love to every other person except themselves. Loving yourself does not mean that you are selfish. It just means that you realize that there is a person in you that deserves to be pampered and cherished. When you love yourself well enough, you will know how to care for your physical body and inner personality.
  • Defend your views: You are a woman with a voice. You are entitled to your opinions. Be proud of your sound mind, and support your opinion whenever you have to. It will assert your intelligence and make you feel significantly independent.
  • Be yourself: Don’t you think that trying to be someone else is overrated? It is stressful and consuming! Stop seeking to be someone else when there is a “you” that is yearning for expression. Be true to yourself because you are unique!
  • Chase your dreams: Several people have an expectation of who they want you to be as a woman. Your parents or society might have even chosen your profession for you. Now that you are reading this, you feel different. You know there is something else you need to do so as to be an entirely independent woman. Now, let us tell you what you are trying to figure out. It is high time you chased your dreams. Who do you want to be? In finding fulfillment, you need to go after whatever gives you joy.
  • Take voluntary roles: A self-independent woman is a woman of value. How are you adding value to your community? Make a difference today by volunteering your services, and your time. Stop saying there is nothing to do, and every role has been taken up. Look carefully; there is always a vacant position to fill. If eventually, you don’t find any vacant function to take up, then do what a self-independent woman would do; create a role, and fill it up. Be an active volunteer!
  • Don’t disrespect other women: “Women bashing women” is a common phrase in our world today. An independent woman will not disrespect another woman. Don’t join the team of women that tears down one another. Hold yourself high up and give due respect to other women you come across.
  • Be a mentor to someone: A self-independent woman is a woman who shares knowledge. In your quest to be one, do the world some good by sharing the knowledge you have had with someone else. Mentor a younger woman today, and help build up another self-independent lady.

Top 5 Websites Women Should Always Visit

It is important for you as a woman to keep learning. You need to know about your body, health, relationships, marriages, and a whole lot more. The internet has brought with it the opportunity for you to learn as much as you can for free. Some websites are quite informative for women. The top five sites for women that you should visit today are Young Women’s Health, WIFE, SheKnows, Levo, and Handbags in the boardroom.

Bottom Line

The society expects a lot from women. We want you to know that no matter your role currently is as a woman. Whether you are a wife, mother, single mom, entrepreneur or still a young lady, all you need to do is to be confident and be yourself. By doing this, you will be an achiever.

Photo Credit: Vivaciousmum