Negative Health Effects of Marijuana on the Body System

Charles smiled as he rolled the greenish-gray mixture of the shredded and dried leaves into a paper. Smoking marijuana was one thing he derived pleasure from. The feeling he had when he finished smoking it made him feel on top of the world. However, the discussion he had with his best friend James had been giving him sleepless night. To cut the chase, James had been trying to dissuade him from smoking marijuana for months but all to no avail.
Many people are like Charles. They have no idea what the effects of marijuana are. They continue to consume it day after day. Well, if you know someone that fits into that category, kindly forward this article to him or her. It would do a world of good to them. Now, here are some health effects of marijuana on the body system you should be aware of:

  • Lung problems: Marijuana is a mixture of many toxic substances. When you smoke marijuana, the smoke irritates the lungs. When the lung is irritated, the effect is constant coughing which might lead to a chronic condition such as bronchitis. Other people suffer breathing problems because of the decline of the lungs. A person that smokes marijuana is also at a greater risk of lung infection.
  • Deterioration of the heart: The heart is one of the most vital organs in humans. On the average, the heart beats about seventy to eighty times a minute. But, smoking marijuana doubles that rate to about one hundred and sixty beats per minute. This rate puts extreme pressure on the heart when it functions. And it also increases the risk of a stroke. Because the heart is an essential organ, once it deteriorates, it leads to a host of other complications in the body.
  • Brain complications: All the organs we have in our body are connected to the brain. The brain controls a lot of things including how we act, how we respond to situations and much more. Smoking marijuana can affect the memory of anybody that smokes it. It can also affect the ability to pay attention to situations and to focus properly. Some of the short-term health effects on the brain include psychotic episodes, mild paranoia, and much more.
  • Digestive system imbalance: When you smoke marijuana, it may cause a stinging or burning sensation in your mouth or throat. Eating food afterward might not be an easy task as result of this. The body might not have the capability to break down food the way it ought to.
  • Bloodshot eyes: Another health effect of marijuana is anybody that smokes it end up having red eyes. It is unavoidable and it cannot be covered up.

The effects of marijuana have been a subject of debate for a very long time. It has both its pros and cons. But somehow, its disadvantages are far more than its benefits.  So, we advise you to make an informed decision before smoking marijuana today.
Photo Credit: CNN