There are times when you’re not able to take out a loan from a regular bank and the reasons behind this could be endless.

It’s observed that many people face such a situation in which they cannot take out a loan for their needs. Whatever the case, it does not mean that you would fall back on dubious loan sharks offering interest rates that seem inappropriate. And this is where FreeForAll comes in. Being one of the reliable non-profit charitable organizations, we offer short and long-term loan products and services.

After carefully listening and understanding the needs of your organization, our professional will work with you and recommend solutions to your financial needs.

Why Should You Choose Our Lending Services?

1. We Spent a Long Time at the Cutting-Edge of Financing

Have been in the industry for a long time, we’re at the forefront of nonprofit finance, focusing on the needs of low-income communities and the organizations that serve them, and crafting products and solutions to meet those needs.

2. We Take the Time to Get to Know You

We love what we do. First of all, we get to know your vision and help you realize it – whether you’re looking for furniture, or medical care to pets or something like that.

3. The Conversation Starts With Your Needs, Not Our Products

We work with you to craft the best financing solution as per the needs of your organization, your community, and your mission.

At FreeForAll, we lend money in small amounts to those who lack enough funds to start their own business and groups that aren’t able to take out loans from common banks.