Key Duties of a Human Service Professional

s7When Mary was growing up, she lived in an abusive home. Her father regularly abused her and her mother. After a few years, teachers showed concern for Mary. She came to school with bruises, and she was always unhappy. The school authorities had had enough. They decided to call in a human service professional to help her.

Perhaps Mary’s story is quite like what is inspiring you to be a human service professional. Well, you will learn a lot here today. First of all, you need to know the key duties of a human service professional. Here are some of them:

  • You Must Be Able to Empathize: A lot of us know how to show emotions to someone when they are in pain. It just comes naturally. However, a human service professional needs to be able to empathize with all clients. There are some terrible situations and cases you will come across. One of your duties is to make your client feel like you know what they are going through.
  • You Must Be Organized: Many cases will pass your table. You might have up to five cases you are working on at once. One of your duties will be to make sure you are organized. You should not mix your client’s cases up, no matter what.
  • You Have to Maintain Confidentiality: As a professional in human services, your job will require you to be secretive. You have to make sure you do not tell a third party your client’s problems otherwise you might face legal consequences.

Jobs in the Human Services Field You Might Want to Consider

Human services is a generic term for a lot of employment opportunities that covers working with people. There are many jobs you can apply for as a human service professional. Here are some of them:

  • Marriage and Family Therapist: If you are quite interested in helping married couples, this job is what you should apply for. You will be able to address issues like control, stress, low self-esteem, and so on in couples’ lives. That way, you will help married people find their way back to each other.
  • Child Welfare Worker: Like Mary’s story above, the appropriate person her teachers would have invited is a health worker dedicated to children alone. Health workers help make sure kids are happy in their homes. The safety of a child is crucial to a welfare worker.
  • Public Policy Analyst: You don’t have to restrict yourself to working with families. As a public policy analyst, you can research, plan and make policies to strengthen your community. The health and safety of the community will be your primary concern.
  • Drug and Alcohol Counselor: If you are interested in working with people who have a problem with substance abuse, you might consider being a counselor. Your primary function will be to help them discover the real reason they abuse substance and to show them it is possible to kick the habit.

Attributes of a Human Service Provider

Going by the kind of jobs we have mentioned above, you can see that not anybody can venture into being a human service professional. There are key attributes such person must possess. If you are considering a career or you already have a job as a human service provider, here are some characteristics you ought to possess:

  • You Must Be Courageous: As we said, many cases will come across your desk. Some of those cases might require you to stand up to someone that is bigger and tougher than you. You might also find yourself in some situations that you are not comfortable with. Will you be able to handle it?
  • You Must Be Patient: In managing people, patience is crucial. Not everybody will respond to you positively. Some people might even tell you to your face that you will not get anywhere with them. Patience is necessary.
  • You Must Be Flexible: You might be called on at the most inappropriate hours. One of your clients might be experiencing something, and your number was the first he or she thought to call. Can you rise to the task?
  • You Need to Be Open-Minded: The US is full of people from different backgrounds and diverse ethnic group. You will work with a variety of individuals. Hence, one of the key attributes of a human service provider is open-mindedness.
  • You Must Be Knowledgeable: Before being awarded a degree in human services, you must have satisfied the requirements the school you enrolled in has set. One of such requirement is that you must pass some courses to the satisfaction of your examiners. However, when you are awarded the degree, it does not end there. You should actively take part in continuing education. Involving yourself will enable you to stay abreast of anything new that may be going on in your field.

Top Countries with Prompt Human Service Response

A country that cares about its citizens is a nation that will enjoy the support of the people. The fact is that there are many crimes committed daily. The ability of the leaders to ensure that there is prompt human service response to those crimes is what will make them stand out. Here are some countries with quick human service response:

  • United States of America: As usual, this country ranks the best in emergency response to human crimes. In the country, there is the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). This department is dedicated solely to all the areas that may cover human services. Their prompt response has saved many lives.
  • United Kingdom: Leaders in this country also established a department dedicated solely to human service response. It’s no wonder that anytime a child makes a report, within the next twenty-four hours, a human service professional is already given the case to handle.
  • Australia: Australia is home to millions of people. There is a department of human service committed to helping people. Within this department are also some other sub-departments. For instance, the Intake and Response Service helps people with disabilities and their families.

Bottom Line

Being a human service professional is rewarding. You end up with a feeling of satisfaction knowing that you are helping people overcome barriers. You will also assist them to become better individuals in the society. Are you considering a career in this? Take the first step today!

Photo Credit: College America