Is the War Against Zika Virus Over?

Considering how triumphant scientists have been towards finding cures to many diseases and ways to prevent many other infections, one can’t help but wonder if it extends to the dreaded Zika virus. There have been thousands of preventive measures put in place, yet it seems we are fighting a losing battle. The war against Zika virus is not over in any way whatsoever.

Unfortunately, this virus has spread to over twenty countries. Millions are infected, and thousands of people have died all around the world. The virus is carried by Aedes mosquitoes which continue to multiply with each passing day. One female mosquito lays up to 200 eggs every two weeks.  It seems quite ironic that something as little as mosquitoes could be giving the whole world so much trouble.

Why is the war against Zika virus not over yet?

Yes, we all want the war to be over. We want to be able to go to the beach without worrying about being bitten by a mosquito. Even if it happens, we don’t want to antagonize over whether it was Aedes mosquito or another species of mosquito. However, this wish is just a fantasy for now because the war is not over yet. Here are some reasons why:

  • Mosquitoes are developing resistance: There are many ways to kill a mosquito. However, the most common way is the use of insecticides. Recently, researchers have discovered that the constant use of pesticide on mosquitoes has led to increased resistance. Now, they can survive an insecticide spray. Without adequate resources to kill them, they will continue to multiply.
  • Mosquitoes have adapted to our lifestyle: No other mosquito is capable of adjusting to the lifestyle of a human being like the Aedes mosquito. They breed inside and outside our homes. You can find them under pot plants, in drains, gutter, and much more. You can pretty much find them anywhere. Since they are everywhere, it is even tougher to kill them. Thus, the war continues in getting rid of Zika virus.
  • Not enough awareness: A lot of organizations are raising awareness about Zika virus. The shortcoming is that many of them do so in developed countries or urban areas. Zika virus is mostly present in developing countries and rural areas. Until focus is shifted to them and they are taught ways to prevent the virus, the war is not over, and it might not end for a while.
  • The absence of a cure so far: The war against other deadly diseases usually end when there is a cure for it. It may also end when scientists discover a way to slow down how the symptoms affect people. However, in the case of Zika virus, a cure has not been found for it so far. That is one of the reasons why the way against it is not yet over.


Zika virus is one of the world’s major headache right now. The fact that most of its symptoms closely resemble signs of other diseases is what makes it more terrifying. The war might not be over yet, but we hope it will be soon. You can fight the war in your little way as well by staying informed on recent happenings.

Photo Credit: Abcnews