Is Stem Cell Research Ethical?

Are you aware that stem cell research is one of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century? Nevertheless, studies on this innovation have shown that it is just as controversial as a topic on abortion. This is because many individuals argue whether it is ethical or unethical to advise a patient to opt for a stem cell therapy. The reason for their arguments is not far-fetched. They are simply of the opinion that scientist may act beyond the scope of their jurisdiction. Others say the mere idea of stem cell research or therapy is like trying to act in the position of a supernatural deity. Well, we have carried out adequate research about how ethical stem cell research is. We are of the opinion that it is ethical. And here are our reasons:

  • It is lawful: Stem cell research is backed by both federal laws and judicial precedents. Currently, no federal law bans stem cell research. The only area restrictions were placed on is in its funding and use. Thus, the Congress had limited amount of money to spend on it. However, President Barack Obama has removed even that little restriction. The only thing that can make stem cell research unethical is the conduct of doctors and scientist involved. And even at that, they have laws that regulate their practice. Thus, a physician can be easily prosecuted when he acts beyond his boundary.
  • It is backed by informed consent: A doctor who treats a patient without seeking the consent of such patient acts in an unethical manner. Some doctors make sure their legal department is involved before they go ahead with the research if the patient is a test subject. So, there is always an agreement which is the fact that the patient is not coerced into being a subject. This act of getting informed consent makes stem cell research ethical.
  • It does not involve the destruction of human life: Stem cell research is ethical because it does not involve the destruction of human life. Think about this idea for some time. The reason abortion is so controversial is because it centers on the life of a human being, namely the fetus in the womb. However, with stem cell research, no human life gets destroyed in the process.
  • Subjects are not coerced: Many people might want to argue that even though we’re talking about research, human subjects are used for the purpose. People might be utilized as the subjects for experiments, but it is mere volunteer work. Scientists do not force patients or persons to volunteer their bodies or their organs. It is merely voluntary service. Even with the fact that it is optional, the doctors always inform them of the risks that lie ahead.

Bottom Line

Stem cell research controversy will continue to rage on mostly because of groups that are of the opinion that it is not ethical. The truth is as long as human life is involved, there will always be controversies around that subject. It is just a fact that we have to deal with. However, we have given you reasons why we think stem cell research is ethical. What is your opinion?

Photo Credit: Isreal21c