In What Ways Are Smartphones Changing Our Lives?

In recent years, smartphones have become an essential part of our existence as humans. We cannot imagine ourselves going anywhere without it. Sometimes, we even panic when we are not holding them in our hands. Their usefulness has virtually made us dependent on them.

But do you know that besides being a constant companion to us, the smartphone is basically altering our lives in unbelievable ways? Not only are they restricted to making calls, taking pictures or surfing the web, but they also they come with the capability to do other cool stuffs. In this article, we have listed the ways in which our smartphones are changing our lives:

  • By reprogramming the brain patterns: Scientists have shown that smartphones are changing the way our brain operates. With our ever constant access to information and databases, the brain has modified the way its memory compartments works. Unlike before, now instead of just remembering information, we also remember how to get the information. In other words, instead of just filling your brain with facts, your memory prefers to find out every detail concerning that fact. With this method, you can increase your knowledge on things you find interesting.
  • By detecting earthquakes: The last place anyone wants to be is to get caught in an earthquake. However, with your smartphone, you can be rest assured that it will never happen. And this is all thanks to an accelerometer called Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) embedded in your smartphone. This accelerometer not only keeps your map up-to-date, but it also tracks your movement. Similarly, researchers have recently discovered that these accelerometers are quite sensitive to tremors in the earth. They can also detect earthquakes of magnitudes greater than five accurately. From all indications, smartphones would soon replace the traditional method of detecting earthquakes.
  • By keeping you safe: If you love taking long walks in isolated areas but never get to do it because of the dangers involved, your smartphone can come to the rescue. Most of them are embedded with tracking devices that tell your loved ones where you are every minute of the day. Also, some apps enable your friends to track you via GPS and ensure you get home safely. And in cases where you fail to check in at an agreed time, an automatic alarm goes off, informing others about the situation. So, no need to expend resources in hiring bodyguard, your smartphone will do the work just fine.
  • By helping patients cope with illness: There are apps for virtually everything. You could order a meal, hire a taxi, learn French, and even shop without leaving the confines of your home. However, people from suffering from various diseases or illness are not excluded from the app world. There are now apps that can serve as a support group, remind a patient to take his medications, give tips on managing the illness, help to search for hospitals and even address learning disabilities. And for those who cannot use their hands, there is the hands-free smartphone to ensure that no one is left in isolation.


With the above uses would you want to live in a world without smartphones? We do not think so. The advent of the smartphone has produced a revolution in all aspects of our lives. And with the way things are progressing, there is still more to come.

Photo Credit: Techarena