How You Can Support Research on Cancer

image-2Research on cancer is one of the many programs geared towards the fight against cancer. It also aims to identify the causes of the disease. Cancer investigation encompasses coming up with strategies to prevent the illness and suggesting new ways to find a cure to the ailment. Among the goal of most research on cancer is to discover the best treatment plan possible and to find a permanent cure for cancer. The research on cancer involves a lot of scientist from different field of studies. Even though research is ongoing about cancer, the ailment is still affecting a lot of people in the world. However, based on the research so far, doctors are now able to treat each individual according to their clinical history.

In the US, the overall body overseeing cancer research is the National Cancer Institute (NCI). They have divided the centers involved in cancer research into three. They are the Comprehensive cancer centers, Cancer centers, and Basic laboratory cancer centers. Under NCI, there are sixty-nine research institutions. In these places, great infrastructure and equipment are in place to make the research work a success.

The process involved in cancer research requires a lot of money and other relevant kinds of help. The researchers need a lot of chemicals, equipment, and test subjects to make their research successful. All the needs require a lot of money which the government alone cannot make available. It has been made open to individuals to be a part of the fight against cancer. When you contribute your quota into funding cancer research, you are helping millions of people to live a fulfilled life without them being held down by cancerous cells.  There are various ways by which you can Support cancer research. Below are some of them:

Donations: Cancer is one of the diseases that people dread the most. If people can come together and finance the research for cancer, it will speed up the desired goal of the research. To help in the research on cancer, you can make donations. Your donation can be daily, weekly, or monthly. The most important thing is that, as an individual, you are personally contributing to finding the prevention and cure to cancer. You can donate as much money you can afford and always remember no amount is too small.

Organize Fundraising: A person can organize fundraising events towards cancer research. These fundraising activities can hold as a form of lecture for fundraisers. In this kind of program, participants can be lectured about cancer and how it is affecting the society. They can also talk about how far the research process has gone and the things the researchers are still trying accomplish. You should donate the money raised at these events towards cancer research.

Tissue Donation: During cancer research, scientists need a lot of tissue cells to carry out tests on the chemicals. The preferable tissue cells are ones from humans. Since you cannot buy human in the supermarket, it affects the productivity of the research. The absence of human tissue cells also affect the quality of their results. You will be doing a lot of good to cancer research if you can donate some of your tissue cells towards this great cause. 

Volunteering: You might not be a scientist, but you can volunteer your time at the cancer research institute. In this institutes, various jobs roles need to be filled up. If you are willing to volunteer your time to be part of the research team, walk in any cancer research institute in the US. They will be glad to have you onboard.

Raise Awareness: A lot of people are still not well educated about the causes of cancer. Some do not know that there are certain things they can do to prevent them having cancer. Awareness programs can educate people about cancer. They are taught all they need to know about cancer. In most cases, during awareness programs, there are free medicals for people. These tests are usually the types that will indicate the presence of cancerous cells in the part of the body. Another point to note is that awareness programs often focus on one part of the body per time. These programs can be themed “Breast cancer awareness,” or “Lung cancer awareness.” An individual can contribute to cancer research by cheering a concern awareness program. Plan the program and get a team of people with you in the execution of your plan.

Partnering with the Research Team: As an individual, you can support cancer research by directly partnering with the research team. As a partner, you will constantly be in touch with the research centers via newsletters or monthly bulletins. The aim of the open communication is to let you know the progress made by the research team. The reports can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. In the newsletter, you can inform people about the kind of help the team needs at that particular stage of research. The information will contain how you can be of immediate help as a partner. When you are a partner, your support towards cancer will be targeted at the immediate need of the research team.

Donate a Car: Several things are going on in the cancer research center. It can involve moving a lot of things around. Some of these things are chemicals, apparatuses, specimens, test subjects and even, the research team. Having cars at their disposal will make moving from one place to another more convenient for them. The equipment will experience less damage. The car can also be used to convey test subjects back to their homes after administering the treatment. Today, you can consider donating your vehicle towards cancer research.

Bottom Line

The fight against cancer is an ongoing one. And research teams and cancer patients are actively involved in this battle of finding a lasting solution to the disease. You can facilitate the success of the efforts of these people and by supporting any research on cancer, perhaps in one of the ways mentioned above. Just do anything you can to save a life today!

Photo Credit: Cancerresearchuk