How You Can Contribute to Community Improvement Program


As the saying goes “it takes a whole community to raise an individual.” It is believed that the community is a pertinent pillar on which every society rests. The society has a part to play in churning out well-rounded individuals who can influence not just their communities but their states, nations and the world at large. Owing to these expectations, communities must continually engage in improvement programs. The essence of these programs is to improve the quality of life for the people. In a situation where a community is not experiencing any change, it is inevitable that people will begin to leave the place. The individuals will go in search of greener pastures in another community. The move by the people in a stagnant community is not because they do not love that community. It is just because the nature of humans is to seek positive change.

The basic unit of every community is the persons living in that area. The onus rests on the communists to be law-abiding citizens. For your community to experience progress, you would need to engage yourself in the developmental programs that are planned in your locality. If every individual in a community decide to contribute to the progress of their community, the society is sure to reap the benefits, which is immediate improvement.

As a communist, you need to work with the leaders to execute whatever program that is organized for your community progress. If you are looking up to your leaders to always initiate the transformation you desire to see, the improvement may not happen for a long time. Your community leaders have a lot of good plans, but they do not have the capability to implement the projects alone. They need you to contribute your quota in moving your society forward. There are various ways by which you can contribute to the growth of your community. Here are some of them:

Donate Your Money: It is an agreed fact that money is needed to execute almost every project. Money means a lot in the development of a particular community. One of the major ways you can contribute to the development of your community is by donating money for the execution of programs planned by the leaders. It is true that the community has sources of revenue which can be put into the events. Notwithstanding, as a communist, you should still contribute what you can regarding money toward the development of your community.

Volunteer As A Mentor: There are certain things you have good knowledge about understand which you can teach some other people in your neighborhood. No one is an island of information. A lot of individuals are ready to learn if only they have someone to teach them for free. As a communist, whatever you know how to do well, mentor others in it. Get selected people in your community who are interested in towing that path that you have conquered. Teach them the right way to be the best in the chosen area. Your community leaders should not have to go and hire people from other locality to fill the mentoring gap. If you know how to do it, then volunteer and do it freely. As a volunteer mentor, you are contributing immensely to improving your community.

Volunteer at the Health Center: Your community health center needs your help. In your local hospital, there are health practitioners who work round the clock to save the lives of their patients. Sometimes, the work gets so overwhelming that they may lose emotional connection with their patients. As a volunteer, you can take up some voluntary job roles to ease some stress off the Doctors and Nurses. There are so much you can do to make a difference at your health center. On many days, even though you are not medical practitioner, you will still be involved in saving some lives.

Get Involved in Neighborhood Cleaning Exercises: There is nothing fascinating about a dirty community. No matter how clean everyone tries to be, by not littering the surroundings with dirt, the environment will still get dirty. You can organize or be a part of the cleaning teams in your community. A day in a week or month can be selected as the neighborhood cleaning day. You should come out with your team and clean up your area for free. What paid cleaning personnel may oversee might be discovered by your team. Moreover, cleaning your community is an act of services that will grow your community.

Beautify Your Surroundings: A beautiful city will attract investors. Part of the events the community has designed is inviting investors to build the economy of your community. An unkempt society is likely to turn investors away. Every person living the community should take up the responsibility of making their neighborhood beautiful. You can plant flower along your walkway and sidewalks. Trim the grasses always. Have a beautiful garden in your yard. You should just do all you can to physically transforming your community. If every communist can do a little beautification around their homes, the efforts will all add up to change the look of the community.

Start A Business: For you to contribute to the development of your community, you should consider starting up a business. Your community leaders have offered soft loans for business start-ups. If you don’t take the offer, who will?  This aspect is for those with the entrepreneurial spirit. No matter what your community is like, your business is a way to grow the economy of your community.  Do not say that because your community is a small one; your business will not thrive there. That is wrong. If everybody decides to go to the large cities to set up their businesses, what will then happen to the smaller society? No matter how little your start-up is, it will still contribute to the improvement of your community in some ways.

Bottom Line

There are several other ways through which you can support community development programs. Asides doing all these things mentioned above, you can volunteer to evaluate the progress of your community. Evaluation would reveal the areas that require improvement within your locality. You can also contribute by giving yourself the task of educating other communists on ways they can partner with your leaders to contribute to the growth of your community.

Photo Credit: Scwds