How Women Can Overcome Depression and Anxiety During Pregnancy

Depression and anxiety is a common occurrence among pregnant women. It can be due to hormonal imbalance. And for some other expecting mothers, it can be as a result of pressure and stress. Marie recounted her experience with us some time ago. She had a smooth pregnancy till she was twenty weeks gone. Then the health challenges started. Marie noticed that she began having flares of headaches, neck pains and insomnia. She also started losing concentration and focus. Furthermore, it became hard for her to make reasonable conversation without negative outbursts. Eventually, Marie was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.
Marie was determined to overcome depression and anxiety in pregnancy. If you are going through health challenges that are similar to those Marie went through, we are sure you would like to know the steps she took to get her sanity back. Some of the measures she took and which we are recommending are as follows:

  • Talk about your worries: Don’t keep quiet about your fears and concerns. If you do, you will sink more into depression and anxiety. So, we want you to talk about how you feel with your loved ones. Let them know the exact things that are causing you sleepless nights. And don’t just tell them; let them know how they can help you chase your fears. For example, if you are worried about finances for your baby’s upkeep, tell your friends and families about it. Let them know that you would need their financial support before and after your child comes.
  • Sleep more: Lack of quality sleep is one of the common causes of depression and anxiety. So, if you have not been getting enough snoozes, you have to start sleeping more now. As a pregnant woman, you need between eight to ten hours of sleep to stay mentally healthy. And in case you have been having sleeping troubles, you may have to try other sleeping positions and patterns. If you try this and it does not work, talk to your doctor about it at your next visit. Your doctor may need to give you medications that would make you sleep better.
  • Stay active: We understand that when you are pregnant, your energy level reduces. But irrespective of that, you need to stay active. A sedentary lifestyle would cause you more anxiety, so the solution is to keep moving. You can do this by scheduling a time to take evening walks which are known to reduce tension and clear the mind. Another way is to climb the stairs instead of elevators, and basically, reduce your reliance on technology.
  • Eat nourishing meals: Healthy foods are known to have a positive effect on mental health. So, to overcome depression and anxiety in pregnancy, don’t just eat anything you find. You have to feed on balanced diets and stay off processed foods consciously. Examples of foods you should eat more are leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and diaries. Omega-3 fatty foods such as salmon are also known to reduce anxiety and improve mood; so you should eat a lot of them.

Bottom Line
Depression and anxiety in pregnancy should now be taken with levity. If you notice any of the symptoms above, start practicing all the tips we have explained above. If you still don’t feel better, go and see your doctor.
Photo Credit: Medicaldaily