How to Teach Kids Not to Bully

picture-10A lot of children are victims of bullying in the US. Bullying is when a person deliberately uses force to control the other individual. The bully considers himself superior to the bullied. The bullied, on the other hand, feels he is inferior, defenseless and helpless.

Bullying is an issue that every parent should be aware of. Your child probably just came home and handed you his suspension note, and your first reaction is “My child is a bully”? Have you been asking yourself where you got it wrong with your child? We understand that no parent wants their child to be the bully. It is not one of the best news for any guardian. Every parent wants their ward to be the nicest child on the block and the outstanding kid in school. Good behavior makes it easier for you to love your child, right?

 Unfortunately, some children may exhibit behavior which we may not be able to figure out. We don’t know what led to the action. Is this exactly what you are thinking right now? Trying to comprehend what led to the “bully behavior” will not change the fact that your child already has a tag on him or her. The most important thing for a parent to do at this point is to teach that child how not to be a bully.

Well since you are reading this, we believe you are ready to see a transformation in your kid’s character a few months from now. You are looking forward to your child being the nicest on the block again. Not the child every other kid would run away from. We are in this with you because we wish that all kids will be the best they can be. Concerning that vision, here are some ways to teach kids not to bully:

Be the Perfect Example: Have you observed that your children often behave as you do and not as you say? Children are just that way. They learn faster by example. You cannot expect your child to be kind and friendly when you, the parents, are mean and cold. Watch what you do when your kids are within you vicinity. Don’t be the angry, aggressive and, authoritative parent. Restrain from fighting and dominating others, especially when your child is there. If you have any of the characters above, it will be hard for you to teach your kid how not to be a bully. So, work on your character so that you can show your ward the right things.

Teach Your Child the Act of Friendship: Your child need to learn how to be friends with other kids. Let your child know what friendship entails. To be a friend with someone means you are ready for some form of mutual respect for each other. Children also want to feel powerful. Tell your child that power is good, but he or she has to use it constructively by adding values to others.

Celebrate That Kid for Behaving Excellently: As an adult, when you do something good, you want to be praised. It is the same way with children. Anytime your child behaves appropriately, verbally recognize the act and celebrate him or her. That will boost their confidence in doing the right thing. If your child has been bullying others and you have been teaching him how to stop bullying, the next time you see your child act appropriately, do the following. Let him or her know how much you love them for putting more efforts into being good. By doing that, you boost his or her his moral.

Have a Deep Talk with Your Ward: Stop trying to figure out why your child is exhibiting a particular behavior. You are not likely to get an answer by yourself. You need to talk to that child. Let him or her allow you into his or her world. They are humans like adults, and they have several issues on their minds also. To an adult, those things might be nothing. But for a young child, it could be a very troubling issue. Well, blame their age. But, get into their minds, and you will be amazed at the level of psychological clean-up you will have to do after the heart to heart talk.

Teach Them How to Be Emotionally in Control: Your child needs to know that it is alright to feel sad and hurt. It is totally normal for him or her to cry and feel angry. However, they need to know that it is not acceptable to throw tantrums when angry and neither is it right to yell at others when they are hurt. Teach you kids the correct way to let out their emotions.

Set Guiding Rules: You need to have rules in your home. These rules will enforce discipline. For example, you can tell your child that slapping another kid would earn him six months of being grounded. Let them have rules like no fighting, no vulgar words, no swearing, no hitting others, and so on. All these rules will help curb the act of bullying

Get Them a Counselor or Therapist: If you are a parent reading this and your child has been tagged a “bully,” don’t be sad. If after trying the earlier suggestions, your child is not changing, get him to the counselor or therapist. They are professionals who have been trained to handle situations like bullying. You may not be able to set your child on the right path again all by yourself. Don’t overthink things. Get some help!

Bottom Line

As a parent, guardian or teacher, you do not have to wait till a kid starts to exhibit the traits of a bully before you commence these guidelines. It is important to start as soon as the child understands the word “go.” Let these steps be taught to your kid right from now. Do this, and you will save yourself a lot of worries in the future.

Photo Credit: Kidshealth